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HELP ME with this TORRENT please

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by MaGiC9669, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. MaGiC9669

    MaGiC9669 Member

    Mar 22, 2004
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    I dont know if this is the right board to post this but here it goes.

    I downloaded the fable torrent off of suprnova and it came with 44 rar files (fable.r## so i assume its rar). Nonetheless, I extracted .r00 to a seperate directory and it gave me an .iso file. Now ALL OF THE OTHER RAR files have the same iso file in it. Ok so i figure thats weird and all maybe all i have to do is extract this iso file to another directory. I did that with craxtion and it gave me what looked like a good game directory (.xbe files and such) so i ftp'ed it into my xbox.

    When i go to start the game it just shows a black screen and nothing happens.

    What did i do wrong? Was i supposed to do something with ALL of those .rar files. I assume i only use one of those rar files. Is there something im missing. This is the first torrent i tried as im new to this. Please help. Thanks

    (by the way im using torrentstorm)
  2. MyriderUK

    MyriderUK Member

    Apr 8, 2004
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    you have done everything right if you've extracted the rar file successfully so the torrentstorm worked just fine did you patch the default.xbe file in craxion if not this is a must.

    if you have already patched it in craxion then you may need a hd fix for the game i needed one for leisure suit larry:MCL i had a black screen but tried it on another telly and there were text at the bottom saying "game must be run from its original disc"

    if both these fail then sorry cant help
  3. thetarget

    thetarget Guest

    i got the same file extract the 00rar and that extracts all the rar files to a iso patched and ready to burn well mine works anyway

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