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Help Needed

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by StayCool, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. StayCool

    StayCool Guest


    I'm not Familiar with these cards, so I need some help and patience here.
    Recently purchased the Hauppauge WinTV-Go TV Tuner Capture Card for $20.
    Here's my questions:
    1. Win98SE does not recognize the PCI card. (not sure if its suppose to).
    2. Do I need drivers (if so, where).
    3. Do I need software, if so, recommendations
    4. I'm trying to capture video from a camcorder and vhs tapes.
    In general..........what do I need to do to make this card functional.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. pfh

    pfh Guest

    One problem you'll have is the fat32 file format inherent in Win98. It will limit your file size that's allowed on your HD. Dvd creation can consume large amounts of disc space so my reccomendation would be to first upgrade to WinXp and restructure HD to ntfs format. That will allow unlimited file sizes. After that your tuner card selection would be easier (more compatible)

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