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Help! Our DVD-R Wont Work

Discussion in 'DVD-ROM drives' started by MrProblem, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. MrProblem

    MrProblem Guest


    We have a big problem about out dvd-r the first time i put a cd its didint work and i ignored it then when my friend shared his Spider-Man Game its didnt work i ask my father if he can fix it then he got an idea he put our other cds my even my zoo tycoon 2 didnt work too plz we nid to fix our dvd-r if you get the answer mail me my e-mail:i'manidiot.com edited by ddp or just reply in my thread or message me

    THX :)
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  2. onya

    onya Guest

    REMOVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IMMEDIATELY, you open yourself up to all sorts of RATBAGS.
  3. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    no e-mail posting as per forum rules, post edited. is the drive seen by the bios & by windows? any error codes & any exclamation marks in device manager?
  4. ireland

    ireland Active member

    Nov 28, 2002
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    Install CD Burner, Installing a CD Writer or DVD player/burner

    To install your cd burner you will need:

    * Compatible CD Recorder or DVD drive (IDE).
    * 4 securing screws (supplied with your CD Recorder / DVD Writer).
    * Cross-point (Philips) Screwdriver suitable for your PC case.
    * IDE Cable (if required).
    * Anti-Static Wrist-strap (if available).

    Disconnect the power and remove your PC's cover, see our guide.
    The first step (after removing the case covers) is to remove the "blank" plastic front from the position in which you want to install the cd writer (fig 1.1), if you have a CD-ROM drive installed then if possible leave a gap in-between the CD-ROM and the CD-WRITER, this will enable a sufficient amount of air to flow between the two drives.

    If you have trouble removing the "blank" you can use a flat ended screwdriver to ease the blank out, taking care not to damage the case.

    rive will be in the IDE configuration, some CD Writers work best when they are the master, others work fine regardless, always consult the manufacturers instructions that came with your CD Writer.

    There are 3 options, Cable Select, Slave, and Master.

    Selection is done by means of a jumper, the option you choose will depend on your system set-up.

    * Master should be selected if this will be the only device on a single IDE cable, or, if it is the second device to be connected and the other device is set to slave.
    * Slave should be selected if this will be the second device on a singe IDE cable, for instance, if you do not already have a CD-ROM drive then you could attach the new device to the same IDE cable as your hard drive (where your hard drive will be the master).
    * Cable Select should be selected only when the devices are to be attached as the cable depicts, ie, the first connector (working away from the motherboard) is the slave and the last connector is the master device.
    In fig 1.3 to the right you can see a standard IDE Cable, note there are 3 connections (notice the difference in distance between the connectors), connection A plugs into the motherboard and then the slave and master connections are used for IDE devices such as hard drives, CD-ROM Drives and CD Writers.

    If you need to attach a second IDE cable refer to your motherboard's manual.

    Connecting the cables

    The next step is to attach the IDE and power cables (fig 1.6)
    The power cable (fig 1.7)
    will only fit one way, so you won't put it in the wrong way round, but as a guide the red wire should go to 5v.

    The IDE cable will be marked down one side with a red or black strip, this denotes Pin 1, match this with the Pin 1 indicator on the back of the device, further, some IDE cables have a blank in one hole to stop you inserting it in incorrectly.

    If you would like to attach an audio cable to the device follow the manufacturer's instructions.

    Finishing the Installation

    Double check all connections and make sure the device is set correctly as master or slave.

    You may wish to test the device is correctly installed before replacing the covers, but it is advisable to replace the covers before reconnecting the mains.

    When you reboot your machine the bios should automatically detect the new drive, and then when you get to the windows screen, go to My Computer and you should see your new drive there. The letter assigned to the drive will depend on your machine's configuration.

    Next follow the manufacturer's instructions to install your CD Writer software, we will shortly be publishing a course for Nero® burning software which you will find in the courses section.

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  5. MrProblem

    MrProblem Guest

    Sorry About The E-Mail,Il Try That THX :)

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