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HELP PLEASE! Nothing will open on my computer, with the exception of my internet browser.

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by GilTAsCrg, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. GilTAsCrg

    GilTAsCrg Member

    Feb 24, 2008
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    Oks, so upon startup, on my moms comp which runs on Vista, a message appears. This message, which I have come to despise, has a title of "BitDownload.exe - Unable To Locate Component". The body contains these words here on stated with a nice lil red X:"This aplication has failed to start because rtl70.bpl was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. (OK)" I have never downloaded BitDownload. So..."What now?", I ask myself.

    So, I click upon the (OK) button, and another nice window pops up. It says that BitDownload has stopped working, blahblahblah.

    I would insert pictures here, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORKS, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MY INTERNET BROWSER. Grrr. I've tried accessing System Restore, and I can't. Now I can't even access my Hijack this or Adaware or Spybot Detector. When I try to open them, I get this spiffy little message: Windows cannot find *insert program name here*. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

    Argh, so what do I do now? I can't make any anti-virus program work. Is it time to seek out a professional? Or is there any hope left?

    On top of this, I have a Theater/Stage State project, which is a pretty good portion of my class grade and I have the chance of having my project actually make it to state. And, guess what? It requires that I use a computer -_- SSSOOOO, this is kind of time sensitive.

    All help is welcomed and appreciated.
  2. syxguns

    syxguns Active member

    Jan 13, 2006
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    I know that you said that you are using Vista, but if you are having a problem opening files with your system then I would suggest using SmitFraudFix. You may download it here: http://siri.geekstogo.com/SmitfraudFix.php

    Now here is the key to remember. What user are you on the system? Download the program to the desktop. Now comes the tricky part. Follow the steps bellow.

    1. Reboot the system and press F8 repeatedly until you are brought up with the option menu. You will see Safe Mode, Safe Mode (With Networking), a few other choices and you will see one choice that says, "Command Prompt". It may say "Command Prompt Safe Mode" and that is fine. That is the selection that you want to make.

    When the command prompt opens you will need to navigate to the desktop to find the file. Use the command "cd", without the quotes to change the directory. You may need to do this a couple of times. The command "dir" is for a directory of the files in the current position. You shouldn't have a problem getting to the desktop. Most likely it will start you at the command prompt looking like this: C:\Documents and Settings\User Name. User name should be the user name that you saved the file under. If it is not the correct user name then you will need to use the command "cd.." to back out of the current user name. Then you may run a dir command to find the user name that you need or just type "cd user name"

    After you are under the user name you will need to type "cd desktop" to get to the desktop under that user. Now is a good time to run a "dir" to see the directories in the file. Your SmitFraudFix will be a zip file that you will need to unzip. You will see the zip file so that you know what the name of the file is. Now type "pkunzip filename" That will unzip the file for you. After the file is unzipped it is time to open the file. do another "dir" and you should see a SmitFraudFix file. type "cd smitfraudfix" to get into that directory. Now run another "dir" and you will see a file called SmitFraudFix.exe. type "SmitFraudFix" and the file will open a new window.

    Now for the fun!! Hopefully you printed this out to follow if you are not familiar with DOS or Command Prompt functions. In the new window you will see a selection of numbers. Select number 2 and the program will run. It will run for a little while so don't get excited. When it is finished it will ask you if you would like to clean the registry. Type "Y" for yes and it will clean the registry for you. Once it is complete you may type "q" to quite the program.

    Now reboot the machine and most likely everything will be clean. I would still suggest running a virus scan and any other tools you have to make sure that there are no other problems on your machine.

    I hope this makes since to you. Trying to explain how to do something on a black and white screen is a little tough!! Remember that you do not need the "quote marks" where I used them to identify the commands. Let me know if this solved your problem.


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