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Help please to unlock w850i

Discussion in 'Sony phones' started by gaza, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. gaza

    gaza Guest

    Hi can anyone tell me how do i unlock my phone w850i from vodafone to all network would me very grateful as know nothing about unlocking phones.
  2. akoli

    akoli Member

    Jun 15, 2003
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    Your in luck buddy, this phone can be unlocked quite simply by calling vodafone they'll charge you a nice purple £20 for the pleasure but will supply you with the necessary unlock code.....only require IMei number and they can do this.....unfortunately my w850i is locked to orange but I believe davinci team have managed to crack it although they want £40 for the pleasure of 1 credit to unlock the phone ...but the benefit of this is it puts the original sonye firmware on to it which is the way the phone is meant to be ...orange n vodafone right their own versions which aren't quite as slick and you notice a lot of lag......hope this helps. thanks

    If you dont wanna go down the vodafone route I think there are a good few websites that do it as well ....have a quick search on ebay see what you find ...www.kingmobilephone.com can do unlock for £35 and debrand for £15 or both for £45 .....

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