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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Tony216, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Tony216

    Tony216 Guest

    last week i was showing my aunt how to back up dvd's so that her kids dont scratch them cuz she has a dvd player in her minivan and so like she was trying to back up a dvd on her HP dvd writer using dvd shrink but it would copy it to her computer and not start burning with nero like its supposed to do. she has nero and plus i checked to see if it was checked where it says something like burn with nero and it still wouldnt burn. it says something like backup sucessful and it wont even prompt for me to put in the blank but on my computer i use it just fine. so i decided to put a dvd+r movie i had burned to check if it worked and it did so i checked the blank and it was an dvd+r also, then i checked the writer to c what to what format it burns to but all it said was like dvd-writer/cd-writer so that sucks i dunno why it doesnt burn. then i gave it one more shot and changed the destination to my computer dvd writer where the blank was at and it says i dont got a cd in it
  2. zippyd

    zippyd Active member

    Aug 4, 2004
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    most dvd drives will read +r and -r. if you want to find out what type your aunt's drive will burn you can download DvdinfoPro


    it can test the drive and determine what it will read and write
  3. Tony216

    Tony216 Guest

    Thanx Dude
    I never thought of getting that info from a newbie
    keep up the good work!!!

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