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Help unlocking Samsung sgh-e810

Discussion in 'Samsung discussion' started by tiger2k, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. tiger2k

    tiger2k Guest

    Hi, just wondering if its possible to unlock a samsung sgh-e810 with codes or is a cable needed? if codes are avaible the details are:

    Phone: samsung sgh-e810
    Country: UK
    Network: Vodafone
    IMEI: 35362200023618604

  2. omyfg

    omyfg Guest

    hey, you could use this website to unlock your cell phone. it works with most cell phone models and is quick, easy. and ... works!! it's reliable too. my retailer charged me $40 to unlock and i said no!
    http://www.i'manidiot.cjb.net edited by ddp

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