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Help with Mechassault Linux download

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by RaspyFL0w, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. RaspyFL0w

    RaspyFL0w Guest

    I had the action replay, and download the linux download and stuff, put it on my xbox cleared all the mech assualt downlaods i already had, then i put my disc in and loaded the download under campaign, after that my screen flickered and went black, its suppose to be that blue evox screen up there, it came up once and wont do it no more, and just a pitch black screen, i went to my friends house and tried it on his xbox and it says sumtin liek Phenoix Bios V1.4 something like that and at the end said starting usb port, , it was a black screen with them white words, anyone know what the deal is??? i need to soft mod my xbox, i got like the first version of mech assault game when it first came out? got any idea why my screen just goes pitch black but i can hear the dashboard sound in the backround
  2. RaspyFL0w

    RaspyFL0w Guest

    omg i went to my friends house again, and the usb port came shit came up again, so i took the dvd player out and this grey screen with soft mod on it came up. so i was like i o shit it works, all the game files and shit are on my computer, so i took his xbox to my house and hooked it up, loaded the mech download and i got the black screen again?

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