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Help with pc specs/ Nero problem

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by brettmw, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. brettmw

    brettmw Guest

    Can anyone suggest a system that is capable of handling dvd burning and copying, and yet allowing some other things to be done on the pc.

    I have currently a AMD 1.0 g machine with 256meg of ram.

    When trying to make a movie in nero it usually falls over when i ask it to do anything more than straight burn.

    One particular problem i have encountered:

    When i make a movie with scenes and transitions in Nero and save it, it wont return to the movie making section and wont keep the transistions etc. It always comes to the next section which shows only a list of the files to be burnt. Is this just nero or is my system resources that low it cant handle bring back saved work, or is it just a bug in nero.

    To clarify, i can capture movie with nero, nero saves it as avi, I choose to make new movie, i do some stuff and save project. When i come back later and ask nerovision express to open saved project, it refuses to come back to the movie making screen. I check my folder and the saved project is there, and it does come back, but minus the transitions etc etc.

    I cannot do much else while burning, what would be a suitable machine to achieve answers to my problems.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. sheppy124

    sheppy124 Regular member

    Apr 3, 2003
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    havent got nero, but i can surf the net, do word documents/use dvd2one, while burning dvd's With recordnow. However if you are doing trans/edits with software say like pinnacle pursume nero doing the same, they are processor hungry and i wouldnt really like to do anything else. Any way heres my setup

    athlon xp2500 barton (overclocked to 3200)
    asus a7n8x (mb)
    60 western dig harddrive
    512 p2700 ram
    win xp
    sony dru500a
    pioneer dvd-rom

  3. brettmw

    brettmw Guest

    Great thanks, yup i spent some time this afternoon and used another programme called Showtime, when making movies and burning to dvd it did the same kinda weird stuff, so this time i opened up task manager and watched at which point it fell over. The ram used on showtime.exe was up around 234,000k which with a few other processes going meant i had exceeded my 256m ram ... i also noted my CPU was 100% being used at this point, so i closed a few processes down to bring it under the 256 and it worked a treat.

    Now all i need is to work out the ultimate machine for the future, so this isnt a problem again.

    Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

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