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Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by nedh, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. nedh

    nedh Member

    Jan 21, 2003
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    I currenly am using pinnacle studio 7 DV to edit my projects. I want to be able to go directly from studio to an analog VCR, and also have the choice of using other formats besides just the firewire combatible ones (dv and digital 8) if i purchase studio 8 AV, will i be able to combine DV adn AV files into 1 project, and sucessfully export them to a VHS tape Via a analog VCR. also, what channel must a vcr be on to go from a dv camcorder to Vhs tape. please help , email at solidbikes455@yahoo.com, thank you, ned.
  2. Seastrand

    Seastrand Guest

    You need a video card that supports TV-OUT. You would then connect your VCR to this output via a RCA cable (and the audio out to the VCR audio in). S7 can then output your project to the video stream while you record it from the VCR.

    The main advantage of S8 is the ability to create DVD menus and burn directly from S8. If you are only going to VHS, then S8 will not buy you much.

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