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Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by TextJade, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. TextJade

    TextJade Guest

    Hi I got my son the xbox Mod chip and the guys said how it easy it was to install mmm finally got it in there (remember im a woman) so we were all excited and then im told you have to link to the computer and download the software. I tried to talking on the phone to the company but it all went straight over my head. Is there a kind person here that could talk me through or tell me where I can get an idiot guide for women so that I can make my son happy without having to find a husband. Thanks all
  2. modster

    modster Regular member

    Oct 6, 2004
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    ok, first of all what modchip did you installed?

    the two famous ones are Xecuter 3 CE and Xodus Xenium Ice. These are the two most commonly used modchip.

    they both work great.

    After you have installed the modchip, here is what you need to do:
    1. download irc program so that you can go and download the bios and dashboard. URL for irc program is " http://www.mirc.com/get.html "
    2. now install this irc program and log on
    3. once you are logged on, then type: #xbins
    4. this will take you to an irc room and from there you will see a welcome sign and it will tell you what to type so that you can use ftp to get the bios and dashboard.
    5. you also will need a ftp program (recommend FlashFXP program)

    what is bios? dashboard? => well, the modchip that you have installed came with a loaded bios on the chip that does little not much at all. So, you need to download what we call cracked bios. the latest verion of the bios for Xecuter 3 is 3029, but there are two versions of it the 3029 is for xbox version 1.0 - 1.5 and 3029_16plus is for xbox version 1.6 and 1.6b. this will allow you to open up all the possibilities of your xbox.
    Dashboard is like your windows desktop. it will allow you to move about within your xbox. again, most of us use evox dashboard.

    so, after you have downloaded the bios and dashboard you will need to do:
    6. you need to flash the modchip. for Xecuter 3 chip, it will give you options on how to flash the modchip upon powering up your xbox. I would recommend flashing your xbox using http method.
    7. now, after flashing your bios, you will need to load the dashboard. First thing is to download boxplorer. this program is a file manager that lets you copy files, create folders, etc. on your xbox. use flashfxp to copy the boxplorer to your xbox. You will need to make backups of your xbox original default.xbe in the c: drive of your xbox. The dashboard will be like in the rar compress file type. use winrar to uncompress it. rename the uncompress evox.xbe to default.xbe and copy it to xbox c: (remember backup the original default xbe on the xbox before doing this.) also, copy the evox.ini file to.
    you might have to play with evox.ini to reconfig the nework settings for ftp.

    hang in there you are almost done.

    now, after you have copy boxplorer and evox dashboard all you have to do is configure it and customize it the way you want it. such as skins (background)

    I hope this helps.

    if you want to, keep me updated on this thread on what step you are doing so that I can help you every step of the way.

    in conclusion, no husband needed, just alot of reading and determination! :)
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  3. spyman

    spyman Regular member

    Mar 10, 2005
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    the "software" they are referring to is a bios.

    use irc (see above poster) efnet server, #xbins

    use an ftp client, core ftp is free, www.coreftp.com
    You can use internet explorer as well if you want.


    Depending on the modchip you have, and the version xbox you have , there will be a different bios you need to get.
    Depending on what chip there are different ways to flash it, hopefully you have a xenium ice, they make it very easy , and I can give you a guide.

    If you don't want to network the xbox, just download the bios and burn it on a dvd-r, you will need to burn some other files with the bios file, to fill space.

    After you successfully set up the bios, you need to setup the dashboard etc.

    The easiest way is with slayers auto installer 2.6
    mind you , you won't get the latest stuff with it since its dated. but its the simplest way, which won't require you to network your xbox or anything.

    Download and burn that.

    Read the Readme file so you know what to do :)

    Thats it

    Enjoy :)


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