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Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by jc100, May 9, 2003.

  1. jc100

    jc100 Guest

    i have downloaded a few movies, if i watch them through kazaa theatre they play ok, but if i try and play then direct from folder(just double clicking) they play upside down in w-m-p and power dvd but as i say if i look in my kazaa whilst on kazaa it plays ok????? any ideas
  2. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    I have never heard that one before. Only thing I can think of is to turn your monitor upside down. Or you could actually buy the movies, thats probally the best thing.
  3. jc100

    jc100 Guest

    cheers prick face, i take it your lonely
  4. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    Well that wasn`t very nice, I will remeber your Id for the future.
    Why would you think I am lonely?
  5. jc100

    jc100 Guest

    ur the one who started with the smart comments, buy the movies......this site is all about helping each other if ur not prepared to help someone then shut your fat mouth wank bag..u can remember my id all u like ... i know urs as well dont forget... arse hole
  6. herbsman

    herbsman Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 3, 2002
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    As much as I never tire of hearing the english vernacular 'wank bag' or 'prick face' ...let's all just take a chill pill huh!

    jc100 it sounds perhaps like you do not have the XviD codec installed (if not then it is available to download in Afterdawn.com software section).

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