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HELP !!!!!

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by candylynn, May 23, 2003.

  1. candylynn

    candylynn Guest

    Basically, I would really appretiate some step by step directions on the "How To" for DVD burning, I burn cd's all the time and thought this would be similiar guess I was worng... I know I need the basics if anyone has the time to help me I would be so-ever greatful!!!! Thanks
  2. MikeBUK

    MikeBUK Guest

    Firstly you need a DVD burner. Best to get a DVD-R burner like Pioneer 105. It is also best to get a seperate DVD Rom drive, though this is not essential. You then need DVD copying software, assuming you mean you want to duplicate or back-up pre-recoded DVD's? First try DVDShrink which is free from this site - easy to use. You download the files of the DVD onto your hard drive then use Nero or other burning rom to load the files and then burn. There are 'how to' guides from this site, including one on DVDShrink. If you want to create and burn your own DVD's (from DV footage for example) you need editing and DVD authoring software such as Pinnacle Studio 8 (www.pinnaclesys.com). Hope that's a start.
  3. candylynn

    candylynn Guest

    Thank you for your response, I do have an internal Burner which is a Sony DVD+RW 2.4 x Write. I use Kazaa to download the movies/files, and then BClips is the software that I have for burning CD's and DVD's... Fo some reason when the burn is completed and shows it to be successful the player I have which is a Samsung CD R/RW, says that the DVD cannot be read.. I did download a Decryper (haven't used it yet) not even sure if I needed it..
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