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Here is a larger List of DVD-5 and DVD-9 Movies

Discussion in 'AfterDawn feedback & suggestions' started by Oriphus, Jun 12, 2003.

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  1. Oriphus

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    May 31, 2003
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    dRD - Here is a list with both DVD-5 and DVD-9 Movies. Its not larger than the other one like i stated in the title, but it details the type of DVD size it is. I couldnt update your database with them, would take for ever. Why not make it a sticky in one of the forums? Also, is my thread problem sorted or did you bump me up to member manually?

    There are just under 900 movies here.

    Here is a bit of info so as not to confuse you with the four types of DVD:

    [bold]DVD-5[/bold] – A DVD disc which has data on one side, and a single layer of information which holds 4.7 GB of data

    [bold]DVD-9[/bold] – A DVD disc holding data on one side, but with two layers of information. A DVD-9 holds 8.5 GB of data over the two layers.

    [bold]DVD-10[/bold] – A DVD disc holding data on both sides of the disc, but only using single layers. This is effectively a double sided DVD-5, and therefore holds 8.5 GB of

    [bold]DVD-18[/bold] – The most modern iteration of DVD video disc, with two sides each utilising dual layers. This raises the data capacity to 17 GB, and has been used on recent discs such as the single-disc version of Terminator 2: The Ultimate Edition.


    A Bugs Life Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    A Christmas Story Full-Screen DVD-5
    A Few Good Men Wide-Screen DVD-10
    A Fistful of Dollars Full-Screen DVD-5
    A Knights Tale Full-Screen DVD-9
    A League Of Their Own Wide-Screen DVD-5
    A Night at the Roxbury Wide-Screen DVD-5
    A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    A WALK IN THE CLOUD Wide-Screen DVD-9
    About a Boy Full-Screen DVD-9
    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Full-Screen DVD-5
    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Full-Screen DVD-5
    AI: Artificial Intelligence Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Air America Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Air Force One Full-Screen DVD-5
    Airheads Full-Screen DVD-9
    Airplane Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Akira Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet Wide-Screen DVD-9
    All I Wanna Do Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Almost Famous Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Amageddon Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Amazon Women on the Moon Full-Screen DVD-5
    American Graffiti: Collectors Edition Full-Screen DVD-9
    American History X Wide-Screen DVD-9
    American Outlaws Wide-Screen DVD-9
    American Pie (Collector's Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    American Pie 2 (Collector's Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    American Sweetheart Full-Screen DVD-5
    American Virgin Full-Screen DVD-5
    Americas Sweethearts Wide-Screen DVD-9
    An Evening With Kevin Smith Disc 1 Full-Screen DVD-9
    An Evening With Kevin Smith Disc 2 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Analyze This Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Another Day In Paradise Full-Screen DVD-5
    Anti-Trust (Special Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Any Which Way You Can Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Apollo 13 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Apt Pupil Full-Screen DVD-5
    Army of Darkness Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Arrival (Double Feature Arrival 2) Wide-Screen DVD-10
    Arrival2 (Double Feature Arrival) Full-Screen DVD-10
    Art of War, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Assassins Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Attic Expeditions, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Austin Powers: Gold Member Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Autumn in New York Full-Screen DVD-5


    Bacheloer Party Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Bachelor Full-Screen DVD-5
    Back to the Future Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Back to the Future II Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Back to the Future III Wide-Screen DVD-9
    BackDraft Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Bad Company (2002) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Bandits Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    BANGER SISTERS Full-Screen DVD-5
    Baseketball Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Basic Instinct Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Batman Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Batman and Robin Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Batman Forever Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Batman Returns Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Battle Athletes - Go Full-Screen DVD-5
    Battle Athletes - On you mark Full-Screen DVD-5
    Battle Athletes - Ready Full-Screen DVD-5
    Beauty and the beast Full-Screen DVD-9
    Beavis And Butt-Head Do Christmas Full-Screen DVD-5
    Beetlejuice Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Behind Enemy Lines Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Belly Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    Better Off Dead Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Beverly Hills Cop Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Beverly Hills Cop II Full-Screen DVD-5
    Beverly Hills Cop III Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Big Daddy Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Big Fat Liar Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Big Mamas House Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Big Trouble in Little China (Special) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Bill and Teds: Bogus Journey Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Bill and Teds: Excellent Adventure Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Billy Connolly - Live The Greatest Hits Full-Screen DVD-5
    BILLY ELLIOT Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Billy Madison Wide-Screen DVD-5
    BioDome Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Bird On A Wire Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Black Hawk Down Wide-Screen DVD-9
    blade Full-Screen DVD-5
    blade 2 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Blade I Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Blade II Wide-Screen DVD-9
    BLADE RUNNER Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Blazing Saddles Full-Screen DVD-5
    Blind Date Full-Screen DVD-5
    Blind Fury (Double Feature Omega Doom) Wide-Screen DVD-10
    Blood Work Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Blow Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Blow Dry Wide-Screen DVD-9
    BLUE VELVET Wide-Screen DVD-9
    BODY HEAT Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Boogey Man, The (Double Feature) Full-Screen DVD-10
    Boogie Nights Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Wide-Screen DVD-10
    Bounce Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Bourne Identity Full-Screen DVD-9
    Bowfinger Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Boys In the Hood Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    BOYZ N THE HOOD Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Bram Strokers: Dracula Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    BraveHeart Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Brazil Wide-Screen DVD-5
    BreakFast Club Full-Screen DVD-5
    Breakfast of Champions Wide-Screen DVD-9
    BRING IT ON Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Broken Arrow Full-Screen DVD-5
    Brotherhood of the wolf Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Brown Sugar Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Bulletproof Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Burbs, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Buying the cow Full & Wide Screen DVD-9


    Cabin by the Lake (Double Feature) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Cable Guy The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Caddyshack Full-Screen DVD-5
    Caddyshack (20th Anniversary Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Caddyshack 2 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Can't Hardly Wait Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Cannonball Run II Full-Screen DVD-5
    Cannonball Run The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Cant Buy Me Love Full-Screen DVD-5
    Captain Ron Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Casper: A Spirited Begining Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Cast Away Wide-Screen DVD-9
    castaway Full-Screen DVD-5
    Charlies Angels (Special Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Chasers Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Chasing Amy Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Cheaters Full-Screen DVD-5
    Children of the Corn Full-Screen DVD-5
    Christine Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    CIDER HOUSE RULES, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Clash of the Titans Full-Screen DVD-9
    Clerks Full-Screen DVD-9
    Clifford The Big Red Dog - Clifford Saves the Day Full-Screen DVD-5
    CockTail Full-Screen DVD-5
    Collateral Damage Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Coming To America Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Company Full-Screen DVD-9
    Con-Air Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Conan the Barbarian Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Conspiracy Theory Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Contact Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Corky Romano Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Coyote Ugly Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Cradle Will Rock Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Creepshow Full-Screen DVD-5
    Crocodile Dundee Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Crow, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Cruel Intentions Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Cujo Full-Screen DVD-5
    Cyborg 2 Full-Screen DVD-5


    Dark Half Full-Screen DVD-5
    Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported Full-Screen DVD-9
    Dave Matthews Band: The Videos 1994-2001 Full-Screen DVD-9
    David Gray: Live at the Point Full-Screen DVD-9
    Dawn of the Dead Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Days of Thunder Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Dazed and Confused Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Dead Zone Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Dead Zone, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Death To Smoochy Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Demolition Man Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Deparate for Love Full-Screen DVD-5
    Detroit Rock City Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Deuce Bigalow Male Jigalo Wide-Screen DVD-5
    DevonsVille Teror, The (Double Feature) Full-Screen DVD-10
    Die Hard Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Die Hard 2: Die Harder Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Die Hard 2: With a Vengance Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Dirty Dancing Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Disorganized Crime Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Doc Hollywood Full-Screen DVD-5
    Dogma Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Dolores Claiborne Full-Screen DVD-5
    Domestic Disturbance Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Dont Say a Word Full-Screen DVD-9
    Dont Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Dr Dolittle Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Dracula (Bram Stokers) Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Dream is Alive, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Drive Me Crazy Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Driven Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Dumb and Dumber Full & Wide Screen DVD-10


    E T Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Election Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Elizabeth Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Elvira Full-Screen DVD-5
    Elvira Haunted Hill Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Embrace of the Vampire Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Emperors New Clothes Full-Screen DVD-9
    Empire Records Wide-Screen DVD-5
    End of Days Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Enemy At The Gates Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Enough Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Entrapement Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Eraser Full-Screen DVD-5
    Erin Brockovich Wide-Screen DVD-9
    EscaFlowne (Ultimate Edition) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Escape From LA Full-Screen DVD-5
    Escape from New York Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Every Which Way But Loose Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Evil Dead Full-Screen DVD-5
    Executive Decision Full-Screen DVD-5
    Eye of the Beholder Full & Wide Screen DVD-10


    Falling Down Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Fast and the Furious, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High Full-Screen DVD-5
    fear Full-Screen DVD-5
    Feardotcom Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Ferris Buellers Day Off Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Fifth Element, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Fight-Club Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Wide-Screen DVD-9
    FireStarter Wide-Screen DVD-5
    First Knight Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Fistfull of Dollars Full-Screen DVD-5
    Flash Gordon Wide-Screen DVD-9
    FlatLiners Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Flowers in the Attic Full-Screen DVD-5
    Fools Rush In Wide-Screen DVD-5
    FOR LOVE OF THE GAME Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Formula 51 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Forrest Gump Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Forsaken Full-Screen DVD-5
    Fours Rooms Wide-Screen DVD-5
    FoxFire Wide-Screen DVD-5
    FRAILTY Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Fraternity Vacation Full-Screen DVD-5
    Freddy Got Fingered Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Frequency Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Friday Full-Screen DVD-9
    Friday The 13th Part 1 - 2 -3 - 4 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Friday. the next Full-Screen DVD-9
    Fright Night Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    From Dusk Til Dawn (Collectors Edition) Full-Screen DVD-9
    From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money Full-Screen DVD-5
    From Dusk Till Dawn 3: Hangmans Daughter Wide-Screen DVD-5
    From Hell Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Fugitive, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Full Metal Jacket Full-Screen DVD-9
    FX Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    FX 2 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10


    G.I. Joe The Movie Full-Screen DVD-5
    Galaxy Quest Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Generals Daughter, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Get Shorty Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Ghost Chase Full-Screen DVD-5
    Ghostbusters (Collectors Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    ghosts Full-Screen DVD-5
    Gia Full-Screen DVD-5
    Gladiator Full-Screen DVD-5
    Gladiator (2000) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Gleaming the Cube Full-Screen DVD-5
    Go Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Godfather, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Godfather: Part II, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Godfather: Part III, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Golden Child Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Gone in 60 Seconds Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Good Will Hunting Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Goodfellas Wide-Screen DVD-18
    Gossip Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Graveyard Shift Full-Screen DVD-5
    Grease (UK PAL 2002 Version) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Great Expectation Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Greedy Wide-Screen DVD-5
    GREEN MILE, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Grinch Stole Christmas, The Full-Screen DVD-9
    Ground Hogs Day Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Groundhog Day Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Guilty By Suspicion Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Gun Crazy Full-Screen DVD-5
    Gundam Evolve Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Full-Screen DVD-9
    Gundam Wing: Evolve Full-Screen DVD-5
    GUNS OF NAVARONE, The Wide-Screen DVD-9


    Hackers Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Half Baked Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Halloween 2 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Happy Gilmore Full-Screen DVD-5
    Harlem Nights Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Harley Davidson and the Marbolo Man Wide-Screen DVD-5
    harry potter Full-Screen DVD-9
    Harry Potter and the Sorcorers Stone Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Hart's War Full-Screen DVD-14
    Haunting The Full-Screen DVD-9
    Havana Full-Screen DVD-9
    Heart of Atlantis Full-Screen DVD-9
    HeartBreak Hotel Full-Screen DVD-5
    HEAT Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Heathers Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Heist Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Hells Kitchen Full-Screen DVD-5
    HELP! The Beatles Full-Screen DVD-5
    Henry V Wide-Screen DVD-9
    HighLander Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Hollywood Ending Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Hoosiers Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Hot Shots! Full-Screen DVD-5
    Hot Shots! Part Deux Full-Screen DVD-5
    House Wide-Screen DVD-5
    House 2 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    House Arrest Full-Screen DVD-5
    House on the Haunted Hill Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Hudson Hawk Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Hunt for Red October, The Wide-Screen DVD-9


    I Am Sam Wide-Screen DVD-9
    i love jackie Full-Screen DVD-18
    I Shot Andy Warhol Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Ice Age Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Imposter Wide-Screen DVD-5
    In The Line of Fire Wide-Screen DVD-9
    independence day Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Initial D: The Movie Full-Screen DVD-5
    Innocent Blood Full-Screen DVD-5
    Insider, The Full-Screen DVD-9
    Interview with a Vampire Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Iron Eagle Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    ispy Full-Screen DVD-5
    ISS Full-Screen DVD-5


    Jackal, The (Collectors Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    jackass Full-Screen DVD-5
    JailBait Full-Screen DVD-5
    Jason X Wide-Screen DVD-9
    JawBreaker Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Jaws Revenge Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Jeepers Creepers Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Jerry Maguire Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Jethro: Only For The Barmy Full-Screen DVD-5
    Joe Dirt Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Joe Somebody Full & Wide Screen DVD-14
    JOHN Q Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Johnny Mnemonic Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Josie and the Pussycats Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Joy Ride Full-Screen DVD-5
    Joyride (2001) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Joyride (1996) Full-Screen DVD-5
    Judgement Night Wide-Screen DVD-5
    JUICE Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Jurassic Park (Collectors Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Jurassic Park 3 (Collectors Edition) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Jurassic Park: The Lost World Full-Screen DVD-9


    K-19 : Widow Maker Wide-Screen DVD-9
    K-Pax Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Karate Kid: Part 2 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Karate Kid: Part 3 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Killer Clowns from OuterSpace Full-Screen DVD-9
    Killing Zoe Wide-Screen DVD-5
    King Ralph Full-Screen DVD-5
    Kingpin Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Kiss the Girls Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Kung Pow Full-Screen DVD-9


    LA Story Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Last Action Hero Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Last Boy Scout, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Last Castle, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    LAST DON, The Full-Screen DVD-5
    Last Man Standing Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    LAST OF THE MOHICANS, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Lean on Me Full-Screen DVD-5
    Leathal Weapon Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Leathal Weapon 2 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Leathal Weapon 3 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Leathal Weapon 4 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    leathel weapon 4 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Legally Blonde Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Legend Full-Screen DVD-5
    Legends of the Fall Full-Screen DVD-5
    Leon: The Professional (Uncut) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Leprechaun Full-Screen DVD-5
    Leprechaun 2 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Leprechaun 3 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Leprechaun 4 In Space Full-Screen DVD-5
    Leprechaun5 In the Hood Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Liam Full-Screen DVD-5
    Liar, Liar Full-Screen DVD-5
    Life or Something Like It Full-Screen DVD-5
    Life or Something Like It WS Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Lilo and stich Full-Screen DVD-9
    Little Nicky Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Living It Up Full-Screen DVD-5
    Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Lolita 1997 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Lonesome Dove Wide-Screen DVD-18
    Lord of Illusions - (Uncut) Wide-Screen DVD-5
    lord of the rings Full-Screen DVD-5
    lord of the rings two towers Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Lord Of The Rings, Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Lord of the Rings:The Felloship of the Ring Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Loser Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Lost Boys, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Lost In Space Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Luky Luke Full-Screen DVD-5
    Luky Luke: Ghost Train Full-Screen DVD-5
    Luky Luke: Grand Delusion Full-Screen DVD-5
    Luky Luke: Lukes Fiancee Full-Screen DVD-5
    Luky Luke: Ma Dalton Full-Screen DVD-5
    Luky Luke: MidSummer Full-Screen DVD-5
    Luky Luke: Mr. Joseph Full-Screen DVD-5
    Luky Luke: Nobodys Fool Full-Screen DVD-5


    mad monster party Full-Screen DVD-5
    Made To Order Full-Screen DVD-5
    Madonna: The Video Collection 93-99 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Maid To Order Full-Screen DVD-5
    MAJOR LEAGUE Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Major League 2 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Major League 3: Back to the Minors Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Mallrats Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Man in Black 2 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Man Who Knew Too Little, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Manhattan Project, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Mannequin Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Mars Attacks Full-Screen DVD-5
    Mask, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Master of Disguise Full-Screen DVD-9
    Masters of the Universe Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Matrix Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Maverick Full-Screen DVD-5
    Maximum Overdrive Full-Screen DVD-5
    Mazinger the Movie Collection Full-Screen DVD-9
    Meatballs Full-Screen DVD-5
    Mecury Rising Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Meet The Parents Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Meet Wally Sparks Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Megiddo : The Omega Code 2 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Memento Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Men at Work Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Men In Black Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Men of Honor Full-Screen DVD-5
    Menace II Society Full-Screen DVD-5
    Metropolis Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Mexican, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    MI-2 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    MIB2 Full-Screen DVD-9
    Minority Report Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    Miss Congeniality Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Mission Impossible Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Mission Impossible 2 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Mobile Fighter G Gundam Full-Screen DVD-9
    Money Talks Full-Screen DVD-5
    Monsters Ball Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Monsters Inc Full-Screen DVD-9
    Monty Pythons: Quest for the Holy Grail Full-Screen DVD-5
    Mortal Kombat Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Mosquito Coast, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Mothman Prophecies Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Moulin Rouge Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Mr. Deeds Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Mummy Returns, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Mummy, The Full-Screen DVD-9
    Murder at 1600 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Murder by Numbers Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Murder in the First Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    My Best Friends Wedding Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding Full-Screen DVD-9
    My Blue Heaven Full-Screen DVD-5
    My Cousin Vinny Wide-Screen DVD-5
    My Five Wives Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    My StepMother is an Alien Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Mystery Alaska Wide-Screen DVD-5


    Nailed Wide-Screen DVD-5
    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Full-Screen DVD-5
    National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation Full-Screen DVD-5
    National Lampoons: European Vacation Wide-Screen DVD-5
    National Lampoons: Loaded Weapon 1 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    National Lampoons: Vacation Full-Screen DVD-5
    National Lampoons: Van Wilder Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    National Lampoons: Vegas Vacation Full-Screen DVD-5
    Natural Born Killers Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies Full-Screen DVD-9
    Neon Evangelion: The End of Evangelion Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Neor Genesis: Death Rebirth Full-Screen DVD-9
    Net, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    New Guy, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Next Karate Kid Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Next of Kin Full-Screen DVD-5
    Night At the Roxbury Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Night of the Living Dead Full-Screen DVD-5
    Nightmare on Elm Street Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Full-Screen DVD-9
    Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Full-Screen DVD-9
    Nightmare on Elm Street 5 Full-Screen DVD-9
    Ninja Scroll Full-Screen DVD-5
    Ninth Gate, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Nothing But Trouble Full-Screen DVD-5
    Nothing Hill Full-Screen DVD-5
    Nothing to Lose Full-Screen DVD-5
    Novocaine Wide-Screen DVD-9


    O Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Oceans 11 Full-Screen DVD-9
    Oceans Eleven Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Office Space Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Omega Doom (Double Feature Blind Fury) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    OMEN, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Operations 1 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Orange County Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Orgazmo (PAL) Full-Screen DVD-5
    Original Sin Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Others, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Out Cold Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Outsiders, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    OverBoard Wide-Screen DVD-5


    Pacific Heights Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Pale Rider Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Panda! Go, Panda! Full-Screen DVD-5
    PANIC ROOM Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Parent Trap Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    Patriod Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Payback Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Pearl Harbor Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Pee-Wees Big Adventure Wide-Screen DVD-9
    People vs: Larry Flint, The Full-Screen DVD-10
    Pet Sematary Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Pet Sematary II Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Peter Pan Full-Screen DVD-5
    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Planet of the Apes Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Playing By Heart Full-Screen DVD-5
    Playing God Full-Screen DVD-5
    Pleasantville Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Point Break Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Police Academy Full-Screen DVD-5
    Poltergeist Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Porkys (Double Feature) Full-Screen DVD-10
    Porkys 2 (Double Feature) Full-Screen DVD-10
    POSTMAN, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Preditor Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Pretty in Pink Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Pretty Woman Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Princess Bride, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Princess Mononorke Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Problem Child Full-Screen DVD-5
    Proof of life Full-Screen DVD-5
    Psycho Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Pulp Fiction Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Pump up the Volume Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Purple Rain Full-Screen DVD-5
    Pushing Tin Wide-Screen DVD-5
    puttanona Full-Screen DVD-5


    Queen Of The Damned Full-Screen DVD-9
    Quills Wide-Screen DVD-9


    Rage: Carrie 2, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Raging Bull Full-Screen DVD-9
    rammstein - live aus berlin Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Real Genius Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Record of Lodoss War Full-Screen DVD-5
    Red Dawn Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Red Planet Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Reign Of Fire Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Reindeer Games Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Remember the Titans Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Renegde Full-Screen DVD-5
    Resident Evil Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Return to Cabin by the Lakem (D Feature) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Revenge of the Nerds (Double Feature) Wide-Screen DVD-10
    Revenge of the Nerds 2 (Double Feature) Wide-Screen DVD-10
    Risk Full-Screen DVD-5
    Road Trip Wide-Screen DVD-9
    ROADKILL Full-Screen DVD-5
    Robin Hood: Men in Tights Full-Screen DVD-5
    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Full-Screen DVD-10
    RoboCop Wide-Screen DVD-9
    RoboCop 2 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Rock My World Full-Screen DVD-5
    Rock Star Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Rocketeer, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Rocky Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Rocky 2 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Rocky 3 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Rocky 4 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Rocky 5 Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Romeo Must Die Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Romper Stomper Full-Screen DVD-5
    Ronin Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Roswell Full-Screen DVD-5
    Roughing It Full-Screen DVD-9
    Rounders Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Route 66 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Roy Chubby Brown: Standing Room Only Full-Screen DVD-5
    Run for the Money Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Run Lola Run Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Runaway Bride Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Running Man, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Rush Hour Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Rush Hour 2 Wide-Screen DVD-5


    Saint, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    SamuraiX: Betrayal Full-Screen DVD-5
    SamuraiX: Trust Full-Screen DVD-5
    Save The Last Dance Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Saving Private Ryan Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Saving Silverman Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    Scary Movie Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Scooby Doo Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Scorpion King, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Scream 2 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Secret of My Success Full-Screen DVD-5
    Secret of Nimh, The Full-Screen DVD-5
    See No Evil, Hear No Evil Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Selena Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Sentinel, The Full-Screen DVD-5
    Serendipity Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Serial Killer Full-Screen DVD-5
    Seven Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Seven Girlfriends Full-Screen DVD-5
    Sex and the City 1st Season Full-Screen DVD-9
    Sgt. Bilko Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Shakepeare in love Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Shallow Hal Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Shawshank Redemption Wide-Screen DVD-9
    She's All That Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Shes Having a Baby Full-Screen DVD-5
    Shes The One Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Shining, The Full-Screen DVD-9
    Short Circuit (Special Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Showdown in Little Tokyo Full-Screen DVD-5
    Showtime Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Shrek Full-Screen DVD-9
    Siege, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Signs Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Six Days and Seven Nights Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Sixteen Candles Full-Screen DVD-5
    Sixth Sense, The (Collectors Edition) Full-Screen DVD-9
    SLEEPERS Wide-Screen DVD-5
    SleepWakers Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Sleepy Hollow Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Smashing Pumpkins: Greatest Hits 1991-2001, the Full-Screen DVD-9
    Smokey and the Bandit Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Snake Eyes Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Snatch (Special Edition) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Sneakers Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Soldier Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Son In Law Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Soul Survivors Full-Screen DVD-5
    south park Wide-Screen DVD-5
    South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Space Camp Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Spaceballs Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Spawn Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Speed Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Spiderman Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Spies Like Us Full-Screen DVD-5
    Spy Game Wide-Screen DVD-9
    SPY KIDS Full-Screen DVD-5
    St. Elmos Fire Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Star Trek: First Contact Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Star Trek: Insurrection Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Star Wars II:Attack Of The Clones Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Stargate Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Starship Troopers Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Startup.com Full-Screen DVD-5
    Stay Tuned Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Step Mom Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Stephen Kings: Sometimes They Come Back Full-Screen DVD-5
    Stephen Kings: Sometimes They Come Back For More Full-Screen DVD-5
    Stephen Kings: Storm of the Centry Full-Screen DVD-10
    Stephen Kings: The Stand Full-Screen DVD-18
    StepMom Full-Screen DVD-5
    Stigmata Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Stir Crazy Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Stir of Echos Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie Full-Screen DVD-5
    Strike Force Full-Screen DVD-5
    Striking Distance Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Stripes Full-Screen DVD-5
    Stroker Ace Full-Screen DVD-5
    Stuff, The Full-Screen DVD-5
    Substitute 2 Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Suicide Kings Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Superman The Movie Wide-Screen DVD-18
    Sweet Home Alabama Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Sweetest Thing Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Swordfish Full & Wide Screen DVD-9


    Taking Care of Business Full-Screen DVD-5
    Tales from the Crypt: Demons Knight Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Tangled Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Tango and Cash Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    taxi 3 Full-Screen DVD-5
    Teen Wolf Full-Screen DVD-10
    Teen Wolf Too Full-Screen DVD-10
    TERMINATOR 1 Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Terminator 2 (Judgement Day) Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Terminator 2 (Special Edition) Full & Wide Screen DVD-14
    Texas Rangers Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Animal Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Blues Brothers Full-Screen DVD-9
    the bourne identity Full-Screen DVD-9
    The Cell Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Deer Hunter Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Family Man Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Fifth Element Wide-Screen DVD-5
    The Four Feathers Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    The Good Girl Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    The Goonies Wide-Screen DVD-9
    the green mile Full-Screen DVD-5
    The Hurricane Full-Screen DVD-9
    The Ladies Man Wide-Screen DVD-5
    The Last Castle Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    The Lord of The Rings The Fellowship Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Man In The Iron Mask Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    The Mask Full-Screen DVD-5
    The Mothman Prophesies Wide-Screen DVD-5
    The New Guy Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Ninth Gate Wide-Screen DVD-9
    THE ONE Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    The Peacemaker Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The relic Full-Screen DVD-9
    THE RING Full-Screen DVD-5
    The Salton Sea Wide-Screen DVD-9
    The Three Amigos Full-Screen DVD-5
    The Wedding Planner Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Theres Something about Mary Wide-Screen DVD-9
    They Call Me Trinity Full-Screen DVD-5
    Thin Red Line Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Thinner Full-Screen DVD-5
    Thirteen Ghosts Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Thomas Crown Affair Full-Screen DVD-5
    Three Amigos Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Three Kings Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Three Musketeers, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Tin Cup Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    TITANIC Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Tomb Raider Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Tombraider Full-Screen DVD-5
    Tombstone Full-Screen DVD-10
    Tommy Boy Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Top Gun Full-Screen DVD-9
    Total Recall Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Toxis Avenger, The Full-Screen DVD-9
    Toy, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Traffic Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Trainspotting Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    Transformers The Movie Full-Screen DVD-5
    Tremors Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Tremors 2: Aftershocks Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Trinity is Still My Name Full-Screen DVD-5
    Triple XXX Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    TroubleMakers Full-Screen DVD-5
    True Lies Wide-Screen DVD-9
    True Romance Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Tucker: The Man and His Dream Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Twin Peaks (Episode 1 - 2) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Twin Peaks (Episode 3 - 4) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Twin Peaks (Episode 5 - 6) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Twin Peaks (Episode 7 ) Full-Screen DVD-9
    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Twin Peaks: Pilot Episode Full-Screen DVD-5
    Twin Warriors Wide-Screen DVD-5


    UHF Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Unbreakable Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Under Siege Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Undisputed Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Unforgiven Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Universal Soldier Full-Screen DVD-5
    Untouchables, The Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Up In Smoke (Cheech N Chongs) Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Urban Jungle Full-Screen DVD-5
    Urban Legend Full & Wide Screen DVD-5
    US Marshalls Full-Screen DVD-5
    Used Cars Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Usual Suspects, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-14


    Vampire HunterD: BloodLust Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Vampires Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Vampires : Los Muertos Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Van Wilder Full & Wide Screen DVD-9
    Vanilla Sky Full-Screen DVD-5
    Varsity Blues Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Vertical Limit Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Very Bad Things Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Virus Wide-Screen DVD-9


    Wag the Dog Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Wallstreet Full-Screen DVD-5
    War Games Wide-Screen DVD-5
    War of the Roses Full-Screen DVD-9
    Was tun wenns brennt Full-Screen DVD-9
    Watcher, The Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Waynes World Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Waynes World 2 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    We Were Soldiers Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Wedding Singer, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Weekend At Bernies Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Weekend at Bernies 2 Full-Screen DVD-10
    Weird Science Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Wes Cravens New Nightmare Full-Screen DVD-9
    What Lies Beneath Wide-Screen DVD-9
    What Women Want Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Whatever It Takes Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Whats the worst that could happen Wide-Screen DVD-5
    Whipped Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Whole Nine Yards, The Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Whos Harry Crumb? Full-Screen DVD-5
    Wild Things Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Wild, Wild, West Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Willow Full-Screen DVD-9
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Windtalkers Wide-Screen DVD-9
    With Honors Full-Screen DVD-5
    Wonder Boys Wide-Screen DVD-9
    Wraith Full-Screen DVD-5


    XXX Wide-Screen DVD-9


    Üblichen Verdächtigen, Die Full-Screen DVD-5
    Young Guns Full & Wide Screen DVD-10
    Young Guns II Wide-Screen DVD-5


    Zone of the Enders: Idola Full-Screen DVD-5
    Zoolander Wide-Screen DVD-9


    007 Full-Screen DVD-5
    007 - Golden Eye Full-Screen DVD-5
    007 - golden eyes Full-Screen DVD-5
    10 Things I Hate About You Full-Screen DVD-5
    100 Girls Wide-Screen DVD-5
    12 Monkeys Wide-Screen DVD-9
    13 GHOSTS Wide-Screen DVD-9
    18 Again! Wide-Screen DVD-5
    1941 Wide-Screen DVD-9
    3 Strike Full-Screen DVD-5
    3000 Miles to GraceLand Wide-Screen DVD-9
    8 Mile Wide-Screen DVD-9
    8 Seconds Full-Screen DVD-9
    8MM Wide-Screen DVD-9
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