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Hi everyone/anyone - Can you help ?

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by J.C, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. J.C

    J.C Guest

    I have just a couple of .avi files on my PC which I have downloaded thru bitlord. They play on my PC but I am absolutely stuck trying to copy them onto a DVD to watch on my player. I have Nero 6 with Nero Vision express and have also downloaded Divx - DVD - Converted the file thru that and then tried to burn using Nero Vision Express and a DVD-R After about 3 hours it ejects the disc and says - burn process failed error closing the disc. I have also tried to use a DVD+/- RW but it says it is the wrong media type. My DVD drive is a Freecom Classic DVD +/- RW. OS Win 2K Athalon P, loads of h/d disc space and 512 ram - HELP!
  2. The_OGS

    The_OGS Active member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    To author a compliant DVD with NeroVision Express, you need to unlock Nero's MPEG2 (DVD) codec.
    Then set Nero to compile the project on harddisk.
    It will create VOBs (containing both audio + video) on your harddisk, that you may burn at your leisure.
    You must select audio format and DVD compression that will fit 4.7GB (single layer blank).
    LPCM audio is basically WAV, which is CD-quality digital audio but at 48kHz sampling rate for DVD compliance.
    AC3 2-channel will take up less space, and may allow you to use a more generous video compression profile.
    So remember: you are authoring a compliant DVD.
    You want to compile it on HD.
    Then you can test-burn it on RW; if successful then DVD-R.
    If you own the full Nero you should be in business.
    If you need their MPEG2 codec, you can get a serial # and unlock it in about 10 minutes, on the WWW.
    I can recommend it :) Best $25 bucks I ever spent.
    Let us know how you make out J.C.
  3. J.C

    J.C Guest

    Thanks OGS - I have a DVD plug in for Nero Vision but still struggling with all the words and terms etc. I just want to : as follows.Open Nero Vision, select new project, burn a new DVD, select import video files, Go to the Bitlord folder on my hard drive, select downloads, select sharktale dvd_rip.avi and follow the next prompts to burn : and it doesn't work!Cd's I can deal with burning - this is a nightmare ! I am wasting so many blank dvd's trying. and it won't do it with a dvd rw - just says wrong format - or should I not erase the disc with in cd first, should I use a new disc and not even format it.

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