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hi-res disc reviews online

Discussion in 'High resolution audio' started by Sunier, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Sunier

    Sunier Guest

    AUDIOPHILE AUDITION - http://sunier.justgotowned.com - is the software-positive web publication for collectors, audio and home theater buffs and anyone who is more into the music than the equipment! Features 100 disc reviews monthly with almost daily uploads, and covers CDs, SACDs, DVD-Vs, DVD-As, xrcds, vinyl and DualDiscs. Recent hardware reviews include Samsung's 656" DLP display, Sony's 360" Grand WEGA LCD, Orb's HT spanker system, Oppo's $1149 Universal disc player, NHT's Classic 436" tower speakers, and headphones from Shure, Grado and Amphony. Also Audio News, Swimwear Special, Special Features, and this month giving away a poxy audio system and spot cream for you beautifully-challenged people out there
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    no spam on the sabbath thanks, time to repent methinks
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