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hl-dt-st dvdrom gdr8162b has slow rip with protect dvd

Discussion in 'DVD-ROM drives' started by richmoore, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. richmoore

    richmoore Guest

    Hello, Gateway just sent me this dvdrom (listed as a hl-dt-st dvdrom gdr8162b to replace a Lite ON 16x dvd rom that burned much better with protected dvd's. On commercial dvd's, I use to get 8x or so, now I am only getting 1.1x. DVD-R's read much faster (4x or so), along with orignal dvd's that I own without protections. Any Ideas? I have already checked the dma settings per previous posts.

    Oh, does anyone know which company makes this drive. The old one was made by Lite On, it was much better (but I got this when it quit, it was under a GateWay warrenty, so I guess as long as it works I am stuck with it, unless I want to buy a new one on my own.)
  2. blom

    blom Guest

    the drive you got is an LG did you notice the firmwere version of the last drive? what could have happed is when gate way replaced your old drive they did'nt install new firmwere

    athlon 64 3400+
    200 gb seagate hdd
    1024 ddr 3200 ram
    nec 2500 r/w
    artec x16dvd rom
    9800 radeon 256

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