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Home movie to DVD. Using Vaio Click to DVD. Need faster software

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by tilde30, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. tilde30

    tilde30 Guest

    I just started burning from my sony trv38 to DVD..I have a Sony Vaio and I was using the program that came with the computer "Click To DVD"..
    I is telling me it will take 5 hrs to burn my family movie to DVD....It will take me forever to burn all the home movies to DVD....Is there any other software that is faster then is one and will do a good quality coping???Do the same quality as my sony trv38 did recording it on to the mini dv tape???
  2. glenpinn

    glenpinn Guest

    hi there.
    i think you have what is known as an "all in one" dvd program, which takes your video and encodes to dvd mpeg-2 then authors the video and burns it to the dvd disc.
    im thinking the reason it will take 5 hrs is because the program has a very slow, and not very good quality mpeg encoder, so u need to get rid of this software and use seperate stand alone encoder, author and/or burner programs.
    u dont say what u r using to transfer the video from your camera to your pc, maybe your existing software program also has a capture componant as well (which probably captures your video and encodes it to mpeg-2 automatically) and if so, u need to get a good video transfer (not capture) program to get your video from camera to your pc in its uncompressed avi format (transfers at about 200mb per minute of footage)

    i personally use 3 different programs to do my video work.
    1. use a transfer/capture program called DVIO 1.32 (its free) and transfer your dv video from your camera to pc using firewire. DVIO will only transfer in uncompressed AVI format, which gives you absolute same quality image that is on your dv tape.

    2. use an MPEG encoder program like TMPGEnc 3.0 express to then edit your AVI video footage and then encode the edited/unedited AVI file to DVD MPEG-2 file ready for authoring. you should always try (where possible) to do your editing of the AVI file before encoding it to DVD MPEG-2 format, as the least amount of times your video is encoded, the better the quality will remain.

    3. use a nice dvd authoring program like TMPGEnc DVD AUTHOR to then take your new DVD MPEG-2 video file and do any additional editing (if needed) then author your dvd project and burn it to dvd with its built in burning tool, or you can burn your authored dvd project using your own dvd burning software like nero6 etc.
    TMPGEnc dvd author (unlike some other dvd author software) will not re-encode your existing DVD MPEG-2 video file b4 it burns it to dvd, thus ensuring your finished video project has only been encoded once during its transition from camera to dvd.

    the above software can be purchased very easily and very cheaply from the following places.

    both TMPGEnc programs are available for purchase as a bundle at http://www.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/te3xp.html

    DVIO can be downloaded here for free http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_capture_tools/

    good luck.....GLEN (be patient when working with video, it takes time and the time taken to do it right will create a great dvd for you to enjoy)

    ps: if you want a much faster mpeg encoder than tmpgenc 3.0 xpress, there are others out there like MainConcept mpeg encoder, WinAVI, or Cinema Craft Encoder basic, but most dont have a built in basic editor like tmpgenc 3.0 has got, but for me, the quality (not speed) and editing tool in tmpgenc 3.0 makes this one of the better "any file to any file" encoders/editors on the market and i wouldnt use anything else, i have never had any issues with any of the 3 programs i mention above, each does a great job for what you pay for them.
    another great dvd authoring program is DVD AUTHOR 1.4
    trials of all software mentioned above can be found here at afterdawn, by clicking the SOFTWARE tab at the top of the page
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  3. rimland

    rimland Guest

    do you think these 3 pgms are faster then doing everything in Nero. I'm trying to determine if my prob is my computer before I spend anymore money
  4. glenpinn

    glenpinn Guest

    hi rimland

    the only software i mention that is slow is TMPGEnc 3.0 xpress mpeg editor/encoder.
    dvio is purely a transfer (not capture) program that transfers your dv video from your camera to pc in uncompressed dv-avi format, and does this at about 200mb per minute, so u need lots of free space on your pc for storing it till u edit and/or encode it to dvd mpeg-2 format ready to author/burn to dvd.
    all dv video should be transfered in dv-avi first and and basic editing done while still in the dv-avi format, then u can encode it to dvd mpeg-2 format, which is where TMPGEnc 3.0 comes into ts own as an editor/encoder. its very slow to encode but the output quality is brilliant. once your editing/encoding is done, u then use your selected dvd authoring program to add menus, transitions and effects b4 burning your video to dvd.

    u suggest using nero to do everything, well yes u can, as its an "all in one" program, and u probably already got it like everyone else has, so use it, but nero has a built MPEG ENCODER and is about the worst mpeg encoder on the market, and its quality is not that good, but for you it might be ok, i just dont suggest "all in one" programs like these because of the quality, and because im a semi pro videographer, i would never use nero, i only use DVIO, TMPGEnc 3.0, TMPGEnc DVD Author (for basic authoring without transitions and effects) and i now use DVD-Lab 1.3.2 as my main dvd authoring program which has everything i need for authoring my dvd projects.

    try nero, or better still, pinnacle studio is a better all in one program i think, but give them a go, i just dont like it for doing dvd video work period.

    good luck.....GLENPINN
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  5. rimland

    rimland Guest

    thanks GLENPINN
    I downloaded all 3 and have tried the 1st 2 (DVIO & TMPGEnc 3.0 express). I was looking for a speed improvement but have come to realize that isn't going to happen on this PC. I will go back and look closer at TMPGEnc 3.0 express output since I have noticed a big diff in the quality of the AVI & MPG files.
    Thanks for all of your help, it is very appreciated.
  6. glenpinn

    glenpinn Guest

    hi rimland

    the speed of your encoding isnt so much your pc ok, its the speed of the programs encoder engine, some are fast, some are slow, but a faster encoder is def not neccessarily a better encoder.
    MainConcept encoder is the third fastest encoder on the market, and TMPGEnc 3.0 is about the slowers. but TMPGE is a better quality encoder, so u have to weigh up time over quality, and in my case, i can use MainConcept in some cases if i dont want to do any editing on my dv-avi file b4 i encode it, but because i like to do my editing b4 i encode, this is why i use and persavere with TMPGEnc 3.0, for what it is and what it offers, it the best allround editor/encoder on the market.

    also m8, AVI is better quality than MPEG ok, theres no question, and i do all my vids that i dont burn to dvd in DivX-AVI for playing on my pc, and its maybe 20% better quality than mpeg.

    BUT....u have no choice but to encode in DVD MPEG-2 if you need to burn your vids to a dvd to play on your tv thru a dvd player.

    you got to be careful here not rush this process, unfortunately there is still a lot of improvements to make yet in the world of making dvd's, and the quality of mpeg-2 will become much better as time goes by, so dont look at the quality difference between your AVI and the encoded MPEG file that u get, u have no choice but to use dvd compliant mpeg-2 for dvd burning ok.

    another thing to remember, your pc monitor and tv play video in totally different quality, and always remember, the shorter your video length the higher the video bitrate can be when u encode, but the higher the bitrate is, the higher the output file size.

    + up to 70min video encoded at 8000kbps = approx 4gb
    + 90 to 100 min video encoded at 6000kbps = approx 4gb
    + 120 to 130 min video encoded at 4500kbps = approx 4gb
    which means at these settings, u will fit up to about 130min of video on a single 4.7gb dvd disc with reasonable up to excellent quality, but me personally, i usually dont encode a raw dv-avi file under 6000kbps, i like it better quality myself.
    (dont encode your video to a file size over 4200mb ok, a 4.7gb dvd-r disc is only 4.380gb true capacity ok)

    BTW, what are your pc specs as per your mobo, cpu, ram and graphics.
    the les powerfull your pc is the slower you should do your work at, just take things slowly.
    i myself run 2 identical AMD 3200+ systems, and these 2 systems run video work perfectly, although a p4 3.0 northbridge is the ideal system i think with 1024 ram.

    i run asus A7N8X.E del mobo
    1024 (2x 512) corsair xms3200 c2 ram (dual channel)
    amd 3200+ cpu
    saphire X800 XT (modded to 16 pipe platinum edition)
    other pc is same but runs saphire 9500pro graphics (brilliant card)

    (did i send u a copy of my dvd learners guide, a guide to dvd video work that i created myself while i was learning the ropes, ive emailed it to several guys on here already, if u want a copy, give me your email addy and ill send it to u ok)
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  7. rimland

    rimland Guest

    I just finished a DVD using TMPG and it's about 40% faster (then Nero) and the quality is noticeably better, which is impressive since I'm start w/ entry level stuff from a very inexpensive JVC digital camcorder.
    Thanks for your help.

    And DVIO is much easier and quicker to use then Nero for the capture/txfer.

    Did you purchase the 2 TMPG pieces from their website ?

    Please send the learners guide to id@carolina.rr.com


  8. rimland

    rimland Guest

    I forgot to list pc specs
    Dell 4550 p4 2.4 ghz 640mb ram
    64mb video card
    30gb hd (7200 rpm)
    160gb external seagate hd (usb2.0)
    16x external sony dvd burner

  9. rimland

    rimland Guest

    I downloaded express & dvd author but I don't see them available in a package deal. DO you have to buy them separately ?
    I'm wondering if the encoder is really all I need (for the improved quality) and then I could use Nero to actualy burn the DVD.
  10. rjxtian

    rjxtian Member

    Jul 12, 2004
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    glenpinn : first of all, Happy New Year.

    I have a JVC GR-DX77US digital camcorder. Last night I looked at about 15 minutes of movies I recorded last week thru a TV, and I was very impressed with the PQ.

    Then I thought I had better load up the Imagemaker 1.7 software and the drivers the JVC came with, so I could transfer the footqage to the PC for editing.

    After 4 hours of fooling around, I finally got the movies into the PC with Windows Movie Maker and Imagemaker in AVI form thru a Firwire Cable. I thought Imagemaker said it would transfer in MPEG1, so I probably have to change settings somewhere.

    BUT, after reading your advice, I think I should just go get TMPGEnc Express. I already have TMPGEnc DVD AUTHOR. The old saying " you get what you pay for " comes to mind. Being a complete newbie with movies, I do not know if Imagemaker 1.7 would be OK, but I get the felling that Express will be better. I would rather have quality than speed anyway.

    If you get back to this thread, two questions if you do not mind.
    1). What's the difference between MPEG1 and MPEG2 ?
    2). Does it make any difference in the type of file that gets onto my PC ( MPEG1 vs AVI ) if I transfer movies from the Camcorder by USB2 or Firewire ?

    Thanks for any help, and the help you have already given. Without posters like you, us "new kids on the block" would be lost.
  11. glenpinn

    glenpinn Guest

    rjxtian and rimland.

    could u 2 guys please send me a private message each with your email addresses, i have my very own dvd creators guide that made a few mths ago to help newbies get a handle on dvd making, and i want to send it to u both, as well i have something else u both might be interested in regarding software, this will be of great interest to u, so please reply now via private message ok.

    cheers and happy new year.....GLEN
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  12. glenpinn

    glenpinn Guest


    dont use movie maker to capture ok, use DVIO to transfer your video from camera to pc in uncompressed dv-AVI format (if u have free space on your hard drive) then use tmpgenc 3.0 xpress to edit and encode your AVI file to dvd mpeg-2, then use tmpgenc dvd author or dvd-lab 1.3 or dvd-lab pro 1.0 to author your encoded dvd mpeg-2 file then burn to disc.
    where possible, u should always transfer your dv video to pc in uncompressed AVI format, not have it captured in mpeg-2, and u should always do your editing to your AVI file before its encoded to dvd mpeg-2.

    u can capture your dv tape in mpeg-2 if u like, specially if u dont want to edit out bits u dont want, but make sure your authoring program doesnt re-encode your mpeg-2 file to dvd mpeg-2 again before it burns to disc (nero is a good example of this, which is why i hate nero for doing any kind of dvd work)

    btw, tmpgenc dvd author is a great authoring program, its easy to use, its not got any transitions or effects, but the menu selection is ok, and i like it cos it has its own dvd burning tool, unlike the more expensive authoring progs on the market, i actually use tis authoring prog more than any others cos im not into all the fancy stuff with my dvd projects, when i do, i use dvd-lab pro 1.0 and i always use my own background images when i author my dvd vids, usually using a photo that ive taken on my dv camcorder of the event that i filmed, most of my clients like it like that, with the menu buttons and titles placed strategically around the photo.
    another thing, ive never used imagemaker, but tmpgenc 3.0 xpress is a video editor and encoder and will import any video file format and encode it to any other file format, unlike other encoders which encode any file type to mpeg only, and thats why i use it, its dam slow at encoding but the encode quality and its editing tool is what i like in this program.

    ok, thats it for me, if i missed anything, ask again in your private message ok....cheers.....GLEN

  13. debkad

    debkad Member

    Jan 11, 2005
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    Hi I am reading all about this and trying to get a handle on how to take existing imported mpeg clips that I imported from a SONY DVD 201 using Image Mixer. I then cleared the mini DVD so my only mpegs are on my PC hard drive. It is a SONY PCG-K17 laptop. When trying to save the Image Mixer file as an mpeg, the program froze and gave me an error message that the Image Mixer support staff didn't know how to fix. I have been waiting a month for their Japanese support to get back to me - I have a feeling they don't exist. I don't know how I can save this stored mpeg data as an AVI if it is on my hard drive as an mpeg. Any ideas?

    Also does anyone know anything about MyDVD Studio Deluxe Suite v6? Thanks
  14. jomarent

    jomarent Member

    Jan 22, 2005
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    Hi GlennPin: Can you email me a copy of your manual. My email address is jmstlrojas@comcast.net. Thanks. Marianne
  15. Ipsita

    Ipsita Member

    Jan 26, 2005
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    Hi Glennpin,

    I am also new to this DVD burning process from a DV camcorder. Could you please email me your dvdmanual at ipsita.mohanty@gmail.com

  16. eagleye

    eagleye Member

    Jan 27, 2005
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    I am new to this forum. I bought my camera JVC GR-D71 a few weeks ago and it came also with the Image maker software. I think I don't even install on my pc but follow the guidelines of this thread. I have however a question. I have some analoge video tapes. Can I use the same programs to edit these and burn them on a DVD.



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