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Home Theater System

Discussion in 'Receivers and amplifiers' started by notechmom, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. notechmom

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    Jan 19, 2008
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    I am a no tech mom and I need some assistance in a language that I can understand. I just bought a Durabrand Home Theater system HT-3917. I need to know how to hook up the following pieces to it:
    JVC VCR HR A56U, DVD Player Durabrand 1002, Satellite Receiver Dish 301 all to my (outdated) SAnyo TV that has only a cable hookup and one set of Video and Audio inputs. My HTS did not have instructions on how to hook all of these up. Even if I can only hook up the DVD and not the VCR we will all be happy. If you can provide pictures that will help because I have no idea what all these cords are called when using their technical names. FYI I already have the speakers connected to the HTS. That was easy. Thanks so much!
  2. goodswipe

    goodswipe Guest

    Well, looks like you only have 2 RCA inputs for audio(red/white)on the receiver. So this means you will only be able to hookup two of your devices. I guess a determining factor for that would be, which do you use the most?

    Ok, lets say you want the sound to go from your DVD player and out through the speakers using the receiver(Durabrand Home Theater system HT-3917). You will need to get a set of RCA cables(red/white)and run those from the back of your DVD player to the back of the receiver. There should be a red/white color scheme on both of those to help you match em up.

    Now you want the sound from your satellite receiver to output through your speakers using the receiver(Durabrand Home Theater system HT-3917). Do the same as mentioned above, take a set of RCA cables and run them from the back of the satellite receiver to the back of the new receiver(Durabrand Home Theater system HT-3917).

    Now that setup should allow you to output audio from your DVD player and your satellite receiver.

    Now if you want the video to go to the receiver, just hookup the composite cable(yellow)to the back of the receiver. So you would have the composite cable going from the back of the DVD player and into that back of the receiver. You will want to do the same thing for the satellite receiver. You will also need one composite cable going from the receiver Also, make sure you pay attention to what input the video is going to(video,dvd,aux,etc.)to get the right video source onto the tv you will need to set the receiver to that input.

    I didn't see that the receiver has any video inputs or outputs so, the above will only work if you have video inputs/outputs on the receiver. ;)

    I hope this helps and if anyone sees something that I've missed, please feel free to step in.

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