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How can i capture mpeg vcd in 1 pass

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by giby, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. giby

    giby Guest

    I want to capture analog tv to hard drive in 1 pass as mpeg vcd format.With out encoding to vcd or svcd befor burning as vcd or svcd
    I just want to save it as mpeg vcd and burn it and play it on my dvd player .Ive got all the capture hardware . Ati all in wonder 7500 and Dazzle 80. Ive got about all the software trials i can handle To much ginger bread . I JUST WANT TO CUT TO THE CHASE . SURLEY SOME ONE HAS THIS TYPE OF SOFTWARE It cant be that complex to make one configuration follow another
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  2. HaroldW

    HaroldW Guest

    You have the software already. It came with your video card. Capture using the ATI MMC. There is a setting to capture directly to MPEG-1 VCD format. Then you just drop the MPEG into Nero or VCDEasy to burn in VCD format to your CD. I've heard that the latest MMC available on the ATI website also has an MPEG-2 SVCD template that is no longer proprietory (previous MMC's SVCD format wrote to a proprietory file with a .mp2 extension that had to be converted)

    The main reason people who have ATI cards do not use this method is that capturing to AVI and converting in TMPGEnc produces a significantly higher quality product.

    I have the exact Capture/Video card you do. I use it so little I don't even have the MMC loaded anymore.
  3. giby

    giby Guest

    HaroldW I found a better software by Intervideo called Win Dvd Plus .It captures mpeg/avi as vcd svcd dvd (PLUS MORE) .It has its automatic burning program .Ihave 3 computers capturing with differnt capt devices Im striving for quality. Maybe some day ill be happy with the burning quality .Capturing and saved is a great Mpeg .BUT I STILL HAVE A LOSS ON BURNING . Im working on IT
    Thanks for the info on ati mmc capturing .ill give it a whirl keep you informed IF YOUR INTERESTED THANKS GIBY

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