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how can i make a orginal dvd 9.0 gb to a dvd-R 4.38 GB

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by show11377, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. show11377

    show11377 Guest

    when i try dvd shrink the lowest term was 5.4 gb .which will give me good quality but willnot fit in 4.38 dvd-R
    dvd shrink is good but it doesn't work always work

    then i tried clone dvd it worked but the picture wasn't
    good but it fit in my dvd-R

    if u know any software that could help me give me good quality dvd print and also will fit in 4.38 gb DVD-R.

    thanks any who is willing help me
  2. bazilla

    bazilla Regular member

    Jan 13, 2005
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    Did you try reauthoring in dvd shrink? It is rare that you cannot do the main movie and fit it on a dvd5 with little or no compression.
  3. larrylje

    larrylje Active member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    Check to see if there are 2 titles under the movie in DVDShrink and still image 1 of them. Uasly they are widscreen and fullscreen. If you play them you should bebale to figure out which 1 is which and then highlight the 1 you dont want click on the compression pull down menu and select still image. This will take out whatever version of the movie you dont want but will keep the intergety of the DVD plus which ever format you want the DVD to play and fit onto a 4.7 with better compression.

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