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How do I Change a Virtual Drive letter ?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by lewis44, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. lewis44

    lewis44 Guest

    Sorry I know the answer is in one of the forums somewhere, I have done a search with no luck & looked everywhere but I just can’t remember where I saw it!
    O.k. My problem is very strange,
    I downloaded alcohol 120% (trail version) it created a virtual drive (DVD Drive (E:), no prob's until I tried to save a normal Microsoft Works Database file to CD
    (never had a problem before with such a simple task)
    It keep saying insert a CD-R / CD-RW, I didn't know what to do !!
    Also I could not do a print preview or print the document,(It works fine on Microsoft Works Processor and notepad etc)
    Another thing was every time I started up my laptop it said : Installing hp All-In-One Series
    hp pcs 1300 and it installs itself !
    This also happens when I use other programs on my laptop !
    My printer is a hp psc 1350 all-in-one and when I turn it on it creates a Removeable Disk (F:) and a icon for a hp psc 1300 series scanner.
    I uninstalled Alcohol 120% (trail version) because I wanted to buy the retail version and everything went back to normal !!
    I could save, print and the strange installations stopped.
    Now I have installed the retail version that I bought and sure enough the problems are back.
    Now (Im proberly wrong) but is it not that I need to change the DVD Drive letter to (F:) so that its not affecting the printer ?
    If not : What to do ?
    P.s I have no problems copying music, games or dvd's, Just problems with my file which I use alot, I need and would like to continue using + saving on to disk.
    (I suppose what I could do is uninstall Alcohol 120%, save my project, then when I need to copy a game etc : reinstall, but that seems a lot of unecessary bother)
    Sorry to go on a bit, hope you can help
    Thanks Lewis
  2. lewis44

    lewis44 Guest

    sorry wrong forum,

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