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How do I copy analog video camcorder tapes to CD

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by newster, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. newster

    newster Guest

    What is the best hardware and software to use to copy Video Tapes to CD? Dazzle Video Creator?
  2. C0nfused

    C0nfused Guest

    First, check to see if your camcorder has a DV terminal (a plug that allows you to connect your camcorder to your computer with a cord going from your camcorder (from the DV terminal in your camcorder) to the your computer, usually through a USB port). If it does, now you need to search the internet for an analog capture card. The analog capture card allows you to put your footage on your computer. If your camcorder has a DV terminal and you have the right cord to connect your camcorder to your computer and if you also have the right capture card, you should be able to get your footage to your computer. Then, if you have all of that, you need to put your footage onto your computer, and, if you want to edit it, download Windows Movie Maker 2 (it is free and a good editer) and/or VitualDub (this is also good and free). Once you have editted it to your liking, then download VCDEasy. This program is also free and allows you to burn mpeg files onto a CD-R and play them through a DVD Player (only if your DVD player plays CD-R's). If you use VCDEasy, you can convert all of your non MPEG files to the right form of MPEG so VCDEasy can read it with TMPGEnc. If you need any help with figuring out VCDEasy or TMPGEnc or anything else don't hesitate to ask.
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