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How Do I download From Sites, Like File 01 02 03 04 ETC ETC

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by larby, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. larby

    larby Guest

    Hi I have a Problem, Well I think im in the right section? Am I? Anyways Im trying to download a file my friend put up for some of my close friends, IT is listed as this

    NFL 2002

    01 , 02, 03 ETC ETC

    Anwyays How Do i downlaod all of those? Do i have to mannualy click them all? I mean, Sometiems the server is slow, Then what do i do? wait? ALso after it is done downlaoding how can I make that into an image file. Im going to use alochol 120 but it ussaly only allows 1 file for the image, at least I think. Much help apprecited.
  2. Biosgain

    Biosgain Guest

    sounds like they are rared up (winrar)

    I would get version 3.0 or newer m8.

    if he`s your friend can`t you ask him in what format he`s done them for you?

    DL them and save in a folder.....extract the rar files using winrar......they will piece together to form tthe image....just burn with the associated software.
  3. larby

    larby Guest

    should I do Save target AS ? Also with alchochol 120 it only alwos u to burn one image, im sorry im only 10 its my neighbor who gave me the FTP, he dosent like me anyways , so hyptheticly i get all the files in the folder, do i compress them? or what? Can i use nero? and make a data disc (iso) and then burn? ugh im confused Im used to .iso files not all these new ones
  4. larby

    larby Guest

    EDIT!: Ok so I extarct them all into the same folder and it will be one image file? Not a whole bunch of files?
  5. Biosgain

    Biosgain Guest

    find the one called 00 or 01 that you want to have DL all into 1 folder (using "save as")

    double click on it and a screen will pop up showing whether it is a bin/cue file or ISO image.

    top of the pop up box will be "extract" click this.......then extract to where you want the image to go - then burn it...try at 4x to be safe.

    your knowledge is good for a 10yr old!

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