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How do I insert a NEW subtitle and chage Region to the DVD ?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by C0rnholio, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. C0rnholio

    C0rnholio Guest

    Hey ... I have BRAVEHEART brought from Brazil by a friend and I want to be able to copy it on another DVD so I can be able to watch it on my European DVD home player. Ohh yeah and I want to add Romanian subtitle to it. I have the subtitle in .srt or .sub format. What do I need to do to get the job done ?
    I heared usgin Anydvd and CloneDVD should be the thing with the Region... but how do I change the Region to Europe and how do I insert a new subtitle. The old subtitles don't necessary have to remain on the new Disc. Thanks alot.
  2. Adder01

    Adder01 Regular member

    Mar 10, 2004
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    Changing the region is easy with DVD Shrink.
    Its simply in a check box when you rip the disc. So this will get the files onto your harddrive in the right region.

    As for adding the subtitles...not sure. Try looking at www.videohelp.com they have some stuff there.

    Check out this...

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