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How do I make a SVCD (of a DVD) with Nero 6?

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by bratcher, May 10, 2004.

  1. bratcher

    bratcher Active member

    Mar 24, 2004
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    I have latest versions of DVD Shrink & Nero 6.
    What can I use (free) to break the DVD files to several CDR's? And how do I do it properly? In other words I'm a total newbie at this.

    I ripped a DVD of some old TV shows & got the following. TV shows only with no menu's ripped.

    Nothing in the audio_ts folder.

    video_ts folder


    Nero says (when analyzing the vob file)
    The following problems were found.
    stream encoding which is not valis for a (super) video CD.
    invalid video stream 29.97 frames/second. 720x480 pixals.
    no audio.

    I got the same error with both VCD & SVCD with Nero 6. However each vob file plays fine with sound (from my hd) with WinDVD.
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    You are Totally going about this the Wrong way...Nero Can not Make a SVCD out of your DVD, And even if it could I wouldn"t use it , because Nero is well Known for useing the worlds worst Mpeg encoder.....

    What you are going to Need to Put your DVD on to 2 or 3 CD-R"s are these Programs:
    DVD2AVI 1.77
    These instructions will get you started....
    You can download these Programs from here:


    #1)So First rip your DVD to your Hard drive useing something like "SmartRipper" or "DVD Decryptor"..

    #2)Then download DVD2AVI and Extract the Files to a Folder and go into the Folder and Copy and Paste the "DVD2AVI.vfp" File from the DVD2AVI folder into the TMPGEnc Install Directory ....

    #3) Now Run DVD2AVI and go to "File" to "open" and navigate to the Folder were the DVD was Ripped to and Choose the First VOB file and the rest should Load automaticly, and you should Now be able to see the Movie in the Programs Window...

    #4) Now we have to do some Settings in DVD2AVI...
    A)If you are Working with a NTSC DVD then first go to "Video" to "Field Operation" and set it to "Forced Film" , If you are a doing a PAL DVD then you can skip this setting...
    B)Now under "Video" go to "YUV->RGB" and set it to "TV Scale"...
    C)Now go to "Audio" to "Track Number" and set it to "Track #1" now under audio go to "OutPut method" and set it to "Decode to Wav(AC3,LPCM)" now under "Audio" go to "Dolby Digital" and set it to "Dolby Surround DownMix"....
    D) and now go to "Help" and make sure that "Vfapi Pligin" is selected....

    #5) Now go to "File" to "Save Project" and give the Project File and Name and save it .....

    #6) in a Few Minutes you will Have a File with a ".d2v" extention and a "wav" audio file...

    #7) Now you can Run TMPGEnc and select the "Super Video-CD NTSC Film" Setting and Load the ".d2v" file in as the Video Source and load the ".wav" file in as the audio Source and encode it to SVCD useing the default settings for NTSC Film Super-VCD.....

    #8) After encodeing to Mpeg2 SVCD you will have a File that is too large for on CD-R so you will have to cut the File into 2 maybe more Parts that will fit on a CD-R, You can Fit close to 800mb on to a 700MB 80min CD-R when burning in SVCD Format(about 45 minutes of Video)
    A)To cut your file in Parts you run Tmpgenc and go to "File" to "Mpeg tools" and then go to "Merge & Cut" and Load in your Mpeg2/SVCD File,

    B)From the dropdown menu select "mpeg2 Super Video-CD" then select a name for the first part you are going to Cut, something Like "Movie Part#1.mpg"..

    C)Now highlight your files name by clicking it and then click the "Edit" Button and a new window will pop up were you will do the editing...

    D) In the editing Window Click the " { " button to select the beginning of the Part you are going to save as Part one, and then move the Slider under the window to the end of the Part you want to save and click the " } " button and then click "OK" and then Click "Run" and in a few minutes you will have the First part saved...You just repeat this Process but set the beginning and end Points for the Next Part of the File and repeat untill the Movie is Cut into CD Sized Pieces that are about 790mb MAX which should be arround 45 minutes of Video for each CD-R....

    #9)Now all you have to do is Run Nero and Choose "Super Video-CD" as the disk Type you are Burning and Drap the first part of your Movie into the Nero window and then Burn it to CD-R..If you do everything correctly nero will not give you any error messages and will NOT re-encode the File...
    One thing to Note is that you should allways Burn your SVCD"s as slowly as Possible, Like at 4X speed if Possible to avoid any burn errors because SVCD"s do not have error correction like other CD Formats do.....

    Well Good Luck and if you do this Properly you will get very Good Quality SVCD"s .....Cheers

    PS: You should maybe consider getting a DVD Burner as they are going for as Low as $60 and the Blank DVD"s are less than $1 each even .50c each and you can fit 3 SVCD movies on a DVD without all the Trouble....

  3. bratcher

    bratcher Active member

    Mar 24, 2004
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    Thanks for the useful info! I'll keep your post & take your advice about getting a DVD burner for the computer. That way I can (hopefully) copy out of print DVD's with DVD Decrypter (if the disc is copy protected) then burn my DVD in Nero 6.

    If a disc I want is out of print (some titles are) & I can't buy it on Amazon then I'll copy the disc. If it's in print then I'll buy one from Amazon...

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