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how do i reformat nokia 6280

Discussion in 'Nokia phones' started by jireh30, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. jireh30

    jireh30 Guest

    do any one know how i can reformat or format my nokia 6280?...i tried already.. pressing GREEN button(call button)+*+3 and while pressing it i turn it on.. nothing happens.. did i do it wrong?.. i want to reformat it cause everytime i use my cam.. for still pictures when i press the capture button i just hangs.. always.. i tried changing my memory to 1gb.. changing resolution and quality every thing just hang when i us the camera. but in the video its all well..doesnt hang or anything.. any suggestion.. it would help thankss
  2. whizard

    whizard Member

    Apr 28, 2009
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    try using the memory card u got wit d phone it should be 64mb card as far as im aware then do a factory reset however you may loose some data i.e downloaded ringtones e.t.c.I think your phones memory file may simply not be recoginising your 1 gig card.

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