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how do i split a movie

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Gamerover, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Gamerover

    Gamerover Guest

    how do i spilt a movie to 2 discs useing Clone2DVD and Anydvd?
  2. kyrainman

    kyrainman Guest

    1. On the title configuration screen, click on the scissors below the preview screen.

    2. Drag the right hand diamond to the chapter you want to split at. Usually at a chapter where you get 100% quality. You will notice in the titles window for the movie it will say under "Chapters", 1 - xx. Where xx is the ending chapter. For example 1 - 16.

    [bold]If you want to include special features, include them on disc 1. Not disc 2.[/bold]

    3. Click next and proceed as normal. When the 1st. disc has completed burning, click the [bold]Back[/bold] button until you are back at the Title Configuration screen.

    4. [bold]Right click[/bold] on a blank spot to the right of any title and click [bold]Invert for split[/bold]. You will notice that the Chapters will now say something like 17 - 35 or whatever the split point was you choose.

    5. Now this is VERY IMPORTANT. At the top right of the screen [bold]UNCHECK[/bold] "Preserve menus". By doing this the remainder of the movie (disc 2) will begin playing immediately. If you preserve the menues, you will have to click "Play" on the menu. This is why I put the special features on disc 1, because there is no navigation menu on disc 2.

    6. Click Next and proceed as normal.

    The end result wil be that you will have part of the movie and possibly the special features with the menu on disc 1 and the remaining portion of the movie on disc 2.

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