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How do i upgrade to the new bios..im a newbie!!

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by iceman5, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. iceman5

    iceman5 Guest

    i do not know which ececuter i have...i have 120 gb hd...put medal of honor rising sun ...works then crashes ...i think i need a tutorial from start to finish on how to update my bios to the newest ver. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  2. peachymo

    peachymo Regular member

    Nov 13, 2003
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    i'm also having problems i have evox 3752 and my bios is 4976 i have the x2 chip i have all the bios files but don't know how to upgrade would be very grateful for some guidence. i'm fed up of patching the xbe file
  3. Jslayer

    Jslayer Guest

    i agree...but even when i did patch the xbe, it had a disc read error. i tried to upgrade the BIOS via FTP then selecting Flash BIOS from evox, with switches 3+4 on. it said flashing, then got to a point where it just stopped. I turned it off then turned it back on but nothing would load with switches 3+4 on. I think i screwed them up. I just need to know what to set the switches at. i have X2.2 pro, and i am trying to put 512kb X2 4977 on. any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. matto

    matto Guest

    what bios are needed to play copied games?

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