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How do I use XBox without DVD Drive.

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by Altus580, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Altus580

    Altus580 Guest

    I want to Slimbox my Xbox, but first i need to make it run with the dvd drive unplugged, anyone know how to do that? I've read around a bit, couldn't find to much. Somewhere i read i need to flash it w/ Xecuter 3035 or something, but i don't want to mess up anything, I have a soft modded xbox running unleashed X. Thanks.
  2. evlrit

    evlrit Member

    Apr 11, 2009
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    i have been trying to so the same thing and what i found was that you can only so it if you have a chip and then in the bios there is a check option with the DVD drive and you just have to uncheck it and that will allow you to use it with out the dvd drive
  3. Altus580

    Altus580 Guest

    Yeah, i figured it out too thanks to some help. I don'
    t know if its worth it yet, maybe when I come across ALOT of free time...lol
  4. Demonix90

    Demonix90 Guest

    Ahh the slimbox project is back. I remember when it was popular on Xbox-Scene, I never actually saw one in person, only various photos. Hate to ruin your hopes, but it cannot be done without a modchip, and if I read correctly you have a softmodded Xbox. Unless you can reflash bios to a softmodded Xbox, however I have not heard of that ever.

    Basically, the modchip you install has blank presets which you can flash. My Xecuter chip had 4 flashes. You would flash the appropriate bios to your modchip, then set that to boot. Then your Xbox boots without checking for the DVD drive.

    I also wanted to do this at one point, but my modchip fried my Xbox, which was unopened and in the original packaging from 2003. Talk about a waste of 100$ for a mint Xbox, then another 130 for a modchip and LCD screen, all with intent to make a slim xbox. You should ask if anyone here is selling one before you go wasting money. That is only my speculation. I did come across a bios diagram, easy to read and shows you which biops support no dvd check. Best of luck, enjoy your softmod.
  5. Demonix90

    Demonix90 Guest

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