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how do mini dv camcorders work??

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by bizzE, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. bizzE

    bizzE Guest

    im thinking about buying a mini dv camcorder in the under $400 range. i edit videos with pinnacle right now using analog capture from a hi8 camcorder.
    when you record with the mini dv it records to a mini dv tape. when you hook up the camcorder via firewire/ieee, does it transfer at high speeds from the tape? does it transfer in realtime? how does that work, transfering from the camcorder to the pc with the firewire. any help id appreciate it.

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    Jan 1, 2005
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    Read some of the basic articles at Digital Video Club:

    It only transfers in real time. You only need a Firewire connection on your PC and a cable plus a program that captures the video (any video editing programm will).

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