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how do you determine the type of image file it is

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by DT1928, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. DT1928

    DT1928 Guest

    I recently got a image file. It had a .exe extention which i removed. I dont know what type of image file it is. Is there a way to find out?
    please help.
  2. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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    Alas, not really. Well if its name is 'game.bin.exe' then it is easy to determine that the image is in .BIN format.

    More in general, you should know that the most frequent format is ISO/2352 (a.k.a. .BIN, a.k.a. .IMG, a.k.a. .RAW) file. That is: a RAW image, extracted 2352 bytes/sector, that can be burned successfully (apart protection issues) by a whole group of software: CDRWin, CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, Nero...

    My favorite test is right-click the image and choose 'properties'. You should get the size in bytes.

    If you divide the size by 2352 (RAW block size) you should get an even number for ISO/2352 format and a non-even number for other exotic formats (Nero's .NRG, EZCD's .ISO).

    For instance: an image has size 816,261,600 bytes. Divide by 2352 and you get 347,050. Therefore it is a RAW image of a 80 min CD (a 74 min CD is 333,000 sectors big, a 80 min CD is 360,000 sectors big).

    Now you can rename the image (e.g. with .BIN extension) and burn the image following the guides.
    Unprotected CDs:
    Protected CDs:

    You can also try opening it with CDMage: there are plenty of file types available, and if CDMage is capable to read thje full structure then you have guessed the right type!
  3. DT1928

    DT1928 Guest

    thats it! thanks alot aldaco12

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