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How Do you insert a internal dvd writer into your computer????

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by CLiPsEmX, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. CLiPsEmX

    CLiPsEmX Guest

    I just purchased a internal dvd writer and I want to replace it with my cd writer which is also internal. I was just wondering how to take the front cover off where the drives and floppy are. Because it has that blue cover over the drives. My computer is an HP pavilion 743g. Thanks!
  2. contrexx

    contrexx Guest

    You will need to do more than remove the front cover!!

    I am not trying to put you down, but your question is a very "newbie" question. At least in the hardware sense. Be careful not to destroy your computer, or alter it beyond your power to put it right!

    Maybe you have a knowledgeable friend who can help you?

    You have to have access to the back and sides of the drive bay where your cd writer is presently installed.

    Be VERY CAREFUL not to drop screws, etc inside the computer. If you do drop anything, you have to recover it before powering up the PC.

    Consider using something like Blu-Tack on the screwdriver to hold screws.

    So you would need to

    1. Switch off the power.

    2. Remove the power cord from the atx power supply.

    3. Take off the case cover which will open the side of the case. You will have to find some screws holding the case cover.

    4. Undo small screws holding the cd writer in its drive bay. Keep screws.

    5. Disconnect IDE cable and power cable and maybe audio cable from cd writer.

    6. You may be able to slide the cd writer backwards into the case and remove it that way. Or remove blue cover - it probably clips on.

    7. Check dvd writer has jumper set correctly for master/slave (probably the same as outgoing drive)

    8. slide dvd writer into bay. Do up screws

    9 Connect ide cable, power connector, maybe audio cable

    10 Replace covers

    11 reconnect power cable to atx power supply

    12 switch on power

    13 start computer

    14 check drive is recognised by BIOS at boot.

    15 Make software adjustments as necessary. That is, your burning software (Nero, whatever) may need upgrading to work with your new writer. Did you get a bundled version with the drive?

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  3. CLiPsEmX

    CLiPsEmX Guest

    Yea it kinda sounds like a newbie question but i just wanted to know how to take the comp cover off. I alredy have the manuals and instructions on how to place the dvd burner in. I guess my subject got people confused. I should of made the subject how to take the cover off. Well my computer looks like this. I don't know how to take the front off. I take the sides off but can't get the front off. Well someone is coming to help me today. Thx for the reply.

  4. contrexx

    contrexx Guest

    I typed "hp pavilion remove front cover" into Google, and discovered they use clasps which you will see when you get the side panel off.

    At least this is true of the a250e


    Getting inside the box means unscrewing two captured thumbscrews and sliding away the side panel. Look inside to find a tool-free interior, as well as clasps for removing the Pavilion a250e's front cover to add and remove front-available drives. The interior is relatively tidy, although cabling blocks one of the two free PCI slots. Just one additional 3.5-inch bay is free for future expansion. If you plan to edit lots of video, you might want to add a second hard drive yourself or upgrade the system's 80GB drive to something larger.

  5. CLiPsEmX

    CLiPsEmX Guest

    Yea thx. I actually had my uncle look at it and you are right, there were clasps. Then the cover came right off. Now i know how to do it the next time i install a new drive. Thx for all the help guys.....

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