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How long is a burn supposed to last?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Fred87nc, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Fred87nc

    Fred87nc Member

    Jan 23, 2007
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    Ok My friend said he backups his dvds in 15 mins yet i back them up in 30-35 mins I have a sony 18x DvD external and I back them up at 8x(same as him)
    I used Shrink/decrypter combo. I have a 60gb 1.6ghz 512ram laptop. Is this normal? What about Burning the contents of an un-protected dvd straight to another DVD? will that be faster? Does how much free Harddrive space matter? thanks in advance
  2. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    Backup process time?

    It all depends on a lot of things:

    1)Processor speed- Faster processor=Faster process time using dvd shrink,but not dvd decrypter.

    2)Ram-never hurts having at least 1/2 gb-keep all background programs shutdown.

    3)Programs-some are faster than others.Shrink will use 95% of your processor-ripping/analyzing/and encoding. Dvd decrypter uses only 5% or so of the processor to rip and around the same to burn.

    4)Bitrate- Frames per second-You get 1 movie that's 90 mins long and only 3500 mbs.Then you get another movie the same 90 mins in length,but 4500+ mbs.

    5)Size of dvd being ripped: Dvd-9 or Dvd-5-The bigger the size-the longer

    6)How much compression when backing up Dvd-9's onto blank single layer media. That's the main time killer.

    7) Adaptive error compensation enhancements- AEC- Definitely improves playback quality on highly compess backups,but a real time killer as well.

    Your times aren't too shabby. The more compression,the longer the backup time. Throw in the quality enhancements of dvd shrink-Max smoothness/Max sharpness-and those process times will be a heck of a lot slower.

    To speed you up,you can reauthor and do main movie only,edit out all unnecessary sound streams,subpictures,dir's commentary,subtitles,beginning and ending credits,etc. This will also reduce the need for using those AEC- Adaptive error compensation enhancements. Less compression=faster process time.

    This is called On the Fly. You'll have to have a program to pull off the encryption-dvd-43 or anydvd. You'll also have to watch out for the size of the dvd-like if you're trying to OTF a dvd-9 onto a blank dvd-5. It's going to have to be a 1/1 copy of dvd-9 to dvd-9 or the low budget dvd-5 flicks onto blank dvd-5 single layer media.

    No encryption,and backup is already compressed onto dvd-5: Then you can use most programs-nero,sonic,roxio,etc and do a copy disc.Very risky and you need quality stuff like:The discs you are planning to rip-better be pretty darn good with few errors and on quality mediaYou need a good reader and a good burner.

    I don't think you can have too much empty harddrive space.It all depends on what you want to do with the files afterward. Most burner's specs require 7 gbs of free space. If working with dvd-5 blanks,you can keep using the same folder-it'll delete the files as it places the new files in them.If working with Dual layer backups or using dvd decrypter in file mode,14 gbs + is needed. Then there's other programs that you can use to help enhance the quality-so you'll need a lot of free space for that as well.

    Not enough free hd space=crash.

    I have a 598 mhz P3 celeron. Before my gf screwed it up,It took about 30-45 mins to backup a 0 to 10% compressed backup-pretty decent.But with the compression above 10%,then it'd take over an hour. 30%+ compression and Throw in Max smoothness,then a 5 hr backup process time. I had to really watch the compression on that pc.
    But if I ripped a dvd-5 using dvd decrypter's ISO read and write,it'd take 5 mins to rip and 15 mins to burn at 4x.
  3. born2ride

    born2ride Regular member

    Sep 13, 2006
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    my burn times are 25-45min depend on full lenth or main movie also
    i use a enternal burn on a slow port..thats just my burn times add my rip and encode your still better than me.i have 40g hd,256ram.
  4. slippy048

    slippy048 Guest

    I use DVDFab Decrypter/DVDXCopy Platinum, from start to finish it takes about 30 mins. I have 3gig HT processor with 2gig of 533 ram and a 160gig HD and rip the movie to a second 200gig HD. This is much faster because the PC is not trying to do everything from a single HD.

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