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How to.. About linux

Discussion in 'Linux - General discussion' started by Articwolf, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Articwolf

    Articwolf Guest

    Hey all,

    Well i want to try linux ive read alot about it but i dont know where to get the program to install it and does anyone know where i can read up on program for linux and such would really help thx
  2. OzMick

    OzMick Guest

    Hey mate,

    First up, are you aware that Linux isn't so much a program as it is an operating system? You'd basically be looking at using it instead of Windows, so some things could be a bit foreign to you. Just so that you know what you'd be getting in to.

    What you'd be wanting to do is get what they call a live CD, probably something like Ubuntu to at least give an idea of what it runs like. A good place for you would probably be at the newsagent, you can often find them attached to a magazine, and the magazine itself will describe a little bit about the install process and how to run it.

    If you're more game, you can go somewhere like www.distrowatch.com which lists different distributions, descriptions and reviews and links to them. Basically, "Linux" describes the kernel (the brains) of the system, the windows themselves are handled by other subsystems, whereas Windows describes the whole thing. So a "distro" is one person or groups idea of what should be packaged together to give a working system. Ubuntu is a reasonable distro for new users, it has a good live CD with good driver support, but after a few months you might find it holding you back as it hides certain things from power users.

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