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How to burn .bin and cue files in Nero6 to make KVCD

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by seehear88, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. seehear88

    seehear88 Guest

    I'm a newbie to this. I've downloaded a movie with a CUE file, a BIN file and an NFO file. I read at another forum the instructions to burn an SKVCD using Nero 6 Rom (of any other burner) is to hit

    "File" > "Open", then navigate to the file (on my hard drive), and choose "Image files" from the drop down "Image Files" menu. The .cue file will be (is) the only one visible. Open it - and Burn (so I'm buring the "Cue Sheet".

    I tried this on my first file (movie) and the results were bad when I played it. It could have been a bad file - I'm not sure.

    (I notice that the .bin file is 643 MB and the .cue file is 1 kb).

    My question is - is this the correct procedure?

  2. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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  3. seehear88

    seehear88 Guest

  4. seehear88

    seehear88 Guest

    I've been using CDRWIN3 (seems Nero has problems sometimes) to burn cue files that I've downloaded from the net.

    The (K)VCDs are fine, except that they are not the full frame of the movie. The frame is cut off at the top and the bottom.

    Is this simply the characteristic of the particluar cue file(s) I'm burning, and there's nothing I can do about it, or is there a way I can get the full frame of the film?

    Edit 25 mins. later -

    (After googling to learn how to convert .cue > .mpg), I just converted the (first) .cue file to an .mpg "(Cliprex Video File) using VCDGear v3.55, and played it on my computer in my Crystal Player, and it is full frame, that is, the subtitles are all there at the bottom, not cut off like in the SKVCD I burned, so, the cue file has the whole image in it. The question is, how to make a (K)VCD with the whole image?


    second update -

    I just burned this .mpg file I made to KVCD using Nero (saying "go ahead anyway") when it geve me the "noncompliant" bit (VCDEasy wouldn't do it - it said because it's an mpeg-1 file, not an mpeg-2 file), and I get the same result - KVCD plays with the top and bottom cut off on my tv.

    (I've checked my tv-dvd player and I've got it set to "letterbox", so it's not my DVD player.)

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  5. manyone

    manyone Member

    Oct 22, 2004
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    you said "I just burned this .mpg file I made to KVCD using Nero ..."
    it's not easy to make a kvcd from an regular mpg.
    you have to do the following to do that:
    1. use tmpgenc tools to demux mpg to m1v and mp2
    2. use tmpgenc and kvcd-lbr template (from the makers of kvcd) to create a new, smaller m1v (use new target name or new dir)
    3. use besweet to convert the mp2 to 128 (minimum, also try 160, 192) bitrate (use new target name or new dir)
    4. use tmpgenc again to mux the new m1v and m2p but select "vcd-non-standard" at start
    5. voila - you have a kvcd (file type is still mpg but smaller size)

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