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How to burn games?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by kicker789, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. kicker789

    kicker789 Guest

    I have a cd-r and want to burn gta3..What do I need to do this?The cd-r is 8x with the adaptec creator..I new a new creator?Will I need special discs?
  2. delboy41

    delboy41 Member

    Nov 10, 2002
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    Get your self clone cd, best game copying software.
    Adaptec will make loads of coasters
  3. kicker789

    kicker789 Guest

    So this will work for sure?Also about the discs..will i need a special disc...I for fuji 80 minutes and 700mb will this work?
  4. malum

    malum Regular member

    Aug 22, 2002
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    You need to know what the copy protection is on the disc and you need to know if your CD RW can cope with it.
    I'm assuming that this is a CD game not a DVD?
  5. kicker789

    kicker789 Guest

    COMP CD game..I tried it and it take so dang long..It took me 10min just you get 1% done and I said forget it.Why is this that it takes so long?Is there something that I can get tat will speed up the process and just another program that is much faster?Im trying to burn GTA3.
  6. 8bit_bytr

    8bit_bytr Guest

    I regularly use clone CD to back-up my games, but if you have got a real pain of a CD 'cos of the protection I would recommend using something like 'Blindread' and a patched .exe game file. BTW Gamecopyworld.com have all the info you should need to back-up your games:)
  7. kicker789

    kicker789 Guest

    I have 21 days on the clone cd..How do I get more days?Do I download another after my time is up?
  8. 8bit_bytr

    8bit_bytr Guest

    Which version have you got, Clone CD used to be shareware with a Nag screen to buy it! I don't remember it running out of days?

    (Plenty of cracked versions on the net)
    oh, oh :(
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  9. Biosgain

    Biosgain Guest

    is GTA 3 two discs on PC?

    it has protection.........700 mb is well enough for each disc.

    like they say......there are cracked versions on net......but if you put in a key....it will be in your registry(can be removed).....so make sure you get a proper working one!

    did it take 10 mins to just read 1% or to burn 1%? sounds like the protection there.
  10. kicker789

    kicker789 Guest

    Took 10min to read 1% and 30min to read all 100%...Took 20min to write 100%..And its a 2cd game..Install and play discs.I will just burn a new copy of cloneCD..When time is up.
  11. ecubilla

    ecubilla Guest

    I thought this was only a message board was for movie questions only. Anyway, go to http://www.consolesource.com/ and check out the forums.

    To answer your questions, TDK's are normally the best to use for making "backups" of your games. The most common used software is either Nero or RecordNow Max.

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