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How to convert all video files to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP using Vasa Video Converter

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by littleice, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. littleice

    littleice Guest

    How to convert all video files to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP using Vasa

    This guide demonstrates how to use Vasa Video to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP Converter to convert video formats to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP. Vasa Video to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP Converter is a software for MP4/3GP file conversion of portable video device such as iPod, PSP, Cellphone, PDA, Pocket PC, etc. Vasa Video to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP Converter is an easy-to-use program and produces quite high quality. It takes you only 5 steps to complete the conversion. This guide is very easy and is recommended to newbie.

    1. Download and install a converter
    You can download the application from the official website of Vasa Video to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP Converter.

    Double-click the desktop icon or open the system through the “open” button after a successful installation shown as follows:

    2. Select a Device
    Vasa Video to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP Converter supports the formats of video device like iPod, PSP, Cellphone, PDA, Pocket PC, etc, and you can select on the top of the main interface according to your needs.
    The corresponding setting will appear after you select a device as the following pictures show:
    TO MP4:

    To PSP:

    To 3GP

    To iPod

    3. Add Video files
    A dialog window will appear by clicking the Add button on the right side of the interface, and then you can select the video files that you want to convert.

    4. Select output directory
    Click the Browse button and select the output directory.

    You could click ‘Advanced’ button to configure the settings, and this option is for advanced users.


    5. Converting files

    Converting the file and your file will be converted and saved into the specified directory. Click the ‘Cancel’ button to abort the converting. The progress bar at the bottom shows the progress of conversion. A confirm window will appear after the conversion, click “OK” to complete the conversion.
    As you can see, Vasa Video to iPod/MP4/3GP/PSP Converter is very simple, while it's fast and powerful. We convert a video files to iPod/MP4/PSP/ in only 5 steps
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    Our forums aren't here for you to get free advertising. Linking to pay-for software or the sites associated with them is not allowed. Also, if you want to participate in our forums you need to make some real contributions and if you don't start doing that your guide will be removed. Jumping from thread to thread making one or two line posts pimping your software as well as replacing the links I removed from your guide will get you deactivated. I suggest you read this thread,

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