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How to edit/back up the registry in XP

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by Duenas77, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Duenas77

    Duenas77 Guest

    I am somewhat knowledgeable in computers but not enough to know how to edit the registry to delete uninstalled software/hardware from the memory of my computer. And also how to back up the registry. I know XP backs up the last good configuration, and with the system restore function I may never have to use it. But still, you never know.
    How can I modify the registry in Windows XP?
  2. Veblin

    Veblin Active member

    Feb 27, 2003
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    They make search engines so you can find the information you need to know. It's usually always easier than asking a bunch of questions.

    And amazingly, the people who make the program also tell you how to use it.

    How to back up, edit, and restore the registry in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
  3. Duenas77

    Duenas77 Guest

    Many Thanks It was very useful

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