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How to Hide the Cortana Search Box on the Windows 10 Taskbar

Discussion in 'Windows 10 forum' started by ireland, Jan 28, 2015.

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    How to Hide the Cortana Search Box on the Windows 10 Taskbar

    personal assistant that is integrated directly into the taskbar. But what if you don’t want to waste all that taskbar space?

    Luckily they not only provide a way to remove the search box from the taskbar, but you can change it into an icon, or you can remove it entirely and then it’ll show up on the taskbar only when you open the Start Menu (so you can still search for your apps).

    We’re not entirely sure if we like the idea of a digital assistant as part of Windows, but if you’re using the preview, we recommend that you test it out at least to give it a chance. If you don’t like it, then you can disable it and make the search box revert back to the Windows 8.x behavior where it searches your apps as well as the web.

    Removing the Cortana Search Box from the Taskbar




    Hands-on With Windows 10’s Preview Build 9926

    by Rob Williams on January 26, 2015 in Software, Windows

    Hot on the heels of its major Windows 10 event, Microsoft released a brand-new preview build to the public, versioned 9926. Given what we were told at the event, we knew that Cortana, a revamped Start menu, and updated Notifications pane would be featured. But is that all? As it happens, no. Not even close.

    At last week’s Windows 10 event, Microsoft told us that the next available preview build would be lacking some of the operating system’s most-anticipated features, with the biggest one being Internet Explorer’s potential killer, Spartan.

    Seemingly ahead of schedule, the company released build 9926 on Friday. At the time, I didn’t feel overly compelled to give it an install, mostly because of Spartan’s absence. But, on account of Microsoft’s AI assistant Cortana making an appearance, I decided to suck it up and install it in a virtual machine. Not long after, I was compelled to install it on my main PC.

    Even the first preview build of Windows 10 was stable; and this latest one only improves the situation. As I write this, I’ve spent two full days with the OS and have had not a single issue to report. That’s not to say that you won’t, but it’s been rock-solid for me, to the point where it feels like a production OS.

    That alone isn’t what made me to decide to move to this preview build, though. With build 9926, there’s more than meets the eye. I loaded the OS up expecting the updated Start menu / Start Screen, improved notification center, as well as Cortana. What I discovered was much more, and while some of the items might be minor, I consider them notable for the fact that they’ve been areas of Windows that Microsoft hasn’t touched in quite some time.

    In this article, I’ll talk about all of the enhancements in build 9926 that weren’t in 9879, which came out in mid-November. It could be that despite all that I talk about here, there might still be features I didn’t spot. If so, please hit up the comments!

    Cortana Comes To The Desktop
    The most notable addition to build 9926 is Microsoft’s AI assistant Cortana. As we should expect from a brand-new feature, Cortana is very much a beta at the moment, so expect a lot of trial and error, and for most questions to bring you straight to Bing.


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