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How to Jtag your Xbox 360 Console

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by Zswizzy, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Zswizzy

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    I got this whole tutorial from Se7ensins, I just saw that many people needed help and this post would be useful.
    Here is the link to the original post : http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/topic/108432-how-to-do-the-jtag-hackdump-nandxell/

    I copied and pasted haha

    You will need these programs

    Equipment you need

    - Some wire.
    - Soldering Iron
    - Xbox 360 with kernel version 7371 or lower(Some 7371 and 7363 consoles may not work if they have the patched CB Console manufature date of 6-1-09 and later )
    - 2 Switching Diodes. I used 1N914 - 1N4148


    Since the diagram only shows how to tell the Generation this is how you tell what you have.
    Xenon - Non-HDMI
    Zephyr - HDMI
    Opus - Non-HDMI
    Falcon - HDMI
    Jasper - HDMI

    You will need to know your Xbox Motherboard Revision. These are the two diagrams to follow. Each one of these will need to be bridged with a piece of wire and 2 of them require a switching diode.

    The |< is where the diodes go. On the diode itself there is a thick black line. That black line is this side ---> |< of the diode. That will tell you which way to place the diode when installing the JTAG connections. Diode MUST be soldered directly to the board facing the correct way.

    Xenon Motherboard JTAG Connections

    Zephyr, Falcon, Opus, Jasper JTAG Connections

    How to Dump the Xbox 360 NAND
    Alright now that you have the JTAG connections out of the way its time to install the LPT cable.

    Requirements for Dumping the NAND Image
    You will need the following to dump your Xbox 360 NAND.
    - Computer with a LPT port(Printer port)
    - LPT cable with a DB25 Male end.
    - 5 100-Ohm resistors. I used 100-Ohm 1/2 Watt resistors
    - 1 Switching Diode. I used 1N914 - 1N4148
    - Solder Iron
    - Some patience
    - NandPro20b to dump the NAND
    - Total Commander to make sure your dumps are identical

    **If using a 64bit OS - Download this and Extract inpout32.dll from Win32 folder to nandpro folder. Rename inpout32.dll to DLPortIO.dll
    Now dumping your NAND is crucial to this. You want to have a good clean NAND image that can be flashed back to the console if need be. So lets get started.

    1. We need to set up the solder connections onto the motherboard. I used a printer cable and cut it midway and spliced it open. Then used a multimeter to figure out which cable goes to which pin. I then wrote the color/pin combination on a piece of paper. If you decide to do the same as me and not make your own cable I suggest writing down the color/pin combo so you don't have to use the multimeter again

    Soldering the cable to the board.
    Now attaching the cable to the motherboard is easy as long as you know how to read the diagram which is pretty straight forward. Just follow the lines. This diagram also shows the JTAG connections. Just ignore that they are there since you already have the diagrams up top. *Diode MUST be soldered directly the the board, will not work in plug housing if you make your own cable!*

    NOTE: This will make it a lot easier for you that do not solder the resistors to the board and have made your own lpt cable. This will solve most of your "Could not detect flash controller" errors.

    1. Cut spare resistor stems off.
    2. Cut those stems in half.
    3. Wrap the end of your wire from the lpt cable around the stem and solder the stem and wire togehter.
    4. Now Solder that stem INSIDE the hole on the motherboard. Not on top but actually letting it sink inside the point.

    LPT Connections are the same for every single board. There is not difference. This picture names those motherboards because of the JTAG points that are in the picture. Disregard that. LPT connections are the same for ALL boards!

    Pin number 18 coming from the LPT cable is shown as ground. This wire should be soldered to either the ground next to where Pin 11 solders to or the ground under where Pin 16 solders to. This will ground it and prevent the 360 from shorting and turning off.

    Ok so now that you have the LPT cable soldered to the motherboard and have your cable connected to your PC. It is time to start dumping the NAND. In order to dump the NAND you will need Nandpro20b which can be downloaded on Xbins.
    Directory for Nandpro20b is
    /XBOX 360/development/kernel/nand tools/NandPro/
    Getting files together:
    1. Make a new folder and name it Nandpro20b then extract the content of the rar file into this folder.
    2. Place the Nandpro20b folder in the root directory of your hard drive.
    3. In the Nandpro20b folder there is a prgram called "port95nt.exe" run that to install the drivers. Then you are ready.
    NandPro should work with all 32bit OS's. It is said it works fine with Vista and 7 but may need admin rights and XP Compatibility on.
    Anyway lets get to reading your NAND.

    Plug the power cable into the back of the 360 and into the wall so it has its power source. But do not turn on the 360 as it is not required. All you need to do is plug in the power cable and continue.

    Dumping the NAND:
    1. Click Start
    2. Select run
    3. Type CMD
    4. Now in the command window you will need to type the command to read.
    For Xenon, Zephyr, Flacon, Opus and 16mb Jasper's(No internal memory)

    For Xenon, Zephyr, Flacon, Opus and 16mb Jasper's(No internal memory)
    C:\Nandpro20b\nandpro.exe lpt: -r16 nand1.bin
    For Jasper's with 256mb Internal memory.
    C:\Nandpro20b\nandpro.exe lpt: -r256 nand1.bin
    For Jasper's with 512mb Internal memory.
    C:\Nandpro20b\nandpro.exe lpt: -r512 nand1.bin
    5. Click enter and it should start. If it says testing 4 times and fails you need to check your soldering.
    6. If done right it will start to read the NAND. It should read to block 3FF.
    7. Repeat step 4. You want to have at least 2 dump to compare to each other and make sure they are identical.

    *Note that it is possible that your NAND has bad blocks in it. Error(25x) and you keep getting this each time you dump the NAND don't worry. It is safe to continue because that is just how your NAND image is.

    How to Install Xell

    Xell is used to grab your CPU Key for your console. Which is a good thing to have in case you need to open your KV. Install Xell is easy and takes little to now time. This is not needed to install XBR. XBR already has Xell integrated with it. This is for the people that just need their CPU key to decrypt their KV to get their DVD key. XBR 3 will start Xell if you start the 360 with the eject button.

    First you will need to download it from Xbins. Again here is the directory.
    /XBOX 360/development/free60/images/
    Download the image for your motherboard revision. Extract and place it in the nandpro folder. Make it easy on yourself and rename the Xell file to Xell

    With your LPT cable and everything still set up. You will be using nandpro again. So here we go again.

    1. Click start
    2. Click run
    3. Type CMD
    4. Type the command.
    C:Nandpro20bnandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Xell.bin
    Don't worry about the file size. It is meant to only write to the beginning of your NAND flash.
    5. Click enter and it should starting writing.
    6. Once it is done writing. Unplug the lpt cable from the PC and turn on the 360. It should boot into a blue screen. If it does then you did it right.

    Getting the CPU key.
    Have a camera ready to take a picture of the Fuse Set's that pop up briefly.
    Take a picture that includes fuse set 3,4,5,and 6. These contain your CPU key.
    Take either 3 and 5 or 4 and 6. This will make up your cpu key. 3=4 5=6 So for example. I will take 3 and 5.
    3= E42D681ED06A6D1C
    5= 1FFD8E48C56A2058

    So my CPU Key is - E42D681ED06A6D1C1FFD8E48C56A2058

    Adding either one of the two will make your CPU key.

    After getting your cpu key you can write your original nand image back to the board. Or go straight forward and install XBReboot or freeBOOT.

    How To Install XBReboot
    Will be added very soon!

    To flash your nand image back on, use this command
    For Xenon, Zephyr, Flacon, Opus and 16mb Jasper's(No internal memory)
    C:Nandpro20bnandpro.exe lpt: -w16 nand1.bin
    For Jasper's with 256mb Internal memory.
    C:Nandpro20bnandpro.exe lpt: -w256 nand1.bin
    For Jasper's with 512mb Internal memory.
    C:Nandpro20bnandpro.exe lpt: -w512 nand1.bin
    Typed by me, diagrams taken off Free60.
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