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How to load new bin?

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by nina04, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. nina04

    nina04 Member

    Aug 5, 2007
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    I am new to this whole coolsat5000 so how do I load new bin into my receiver.
  2. bill038

    bill038 Guest

    Follow these instructions and use the latest bin and loader.

    How-to-setup a CS 5000 Platinum . . .

    The following is a detailed explanation of the required steps to successfully setup NEW CS 5k Platinum. You can also use this to setup any pre-configured CS 5K.

    Since it fresh-from-the-box only a few steps are needed. You need to have the STB connected to a dish that has been ?boresighted? (aimed) to the satellite in question. Also it may need to have a diseqc switch in the path to the STB depending on the LNB. Or . . you could have a DP LNB that doesn?t require an intervening switch.

    Cable Connections:
    Strictly speaking if you have JUST put a new system up and it's never been 'de-bugged', then it WOULD be wise to NOT connect the coax line from the dish. If the coax is shorted, it would prevent the CS from booting properly and it would just 'shut-off', possibly doing some damage. At this point, you do NOT need any cable connections but I prefer that you have a video lead to the TV so that you can see a "menu" when the time is right.

    Conversely, if your DISH/LNB/COAX setup has been working properly and you are installing a new rcvr, then there's no reason NOT to make all of the needed connections to the CS. That shouldn't present a problem.

    Some instructions say . . . "don't connect any cables other than the RS-232 modem cable" are meant for my first scenario re the "new Dish/LNB/Coax" and are there to prevent a premature disaster.

    So first make sure that the CS RS-232 connector is connected to a computer using standard Modem cable. It will NOT work with a Null cable!

    The following procedure assumes that you know "something" about setting up a FTA rcvr.

    1) Turn the power switch on the BACK of the STB to ?ON?. Using the remote, press the "POWER" button, it should boot up.
    2) Click on the current version of the Pro Loader (in the Download section) and click start the program.
    3) The opening screen appears; select ?Software? and make sure ?ToReceiver? is checked. Press the ?BROWSE? button and select the flash to be downloaded. At the time of this writing, the current flash was NorW version ?123?. Make sure that you select the most current version at this point.
    4) Click ?Connect? and a dialog box will open. If all is OK, the box will say ?Version 1.0 detected?. If the STB is NEW, then that?s what will be displayed. If it is NOT NEW, then the current flash will be displayed.
    5) Click ?Start? and the download will begin. It takes about 1 ? 2 minutes to complete. DO NOT INTERRUPT this process. When complete, the STB will display END in the display and then reboot.
    5) You have now flashed the receiver with latest operating sw. Next you will need to configure your dish setup.

    First, and this is important, you need to (re)SET the STB to recognize the current flash. If you do NOT do this, all of the satellites will NOT appear in the satellite menu.

    1) Press ?MENU?, select ?System Setting?, press ?OK? and select ?Database Reset?.
    2) Enter PIN, ?0000? and scroll to select ?Delete All Channels?. Press ?OK? and all channels will be deleted. For a BRAND NEW STB, there will be no channels but it does not HURT to do this. All channels will be deleted if there are any channels.
    3) Next select ?Factory Set?, press ?OK? and the current loaded flash will be installed.
    Any time you load a "flash", you should always use do a "F-S" AFTER you load the flash.

    Configuring the OPTIONS Menu;
    1) Press the MENU button and select ?Installation?, then enter PIN (?0000?), next select ?OPTIONS?.
    2) Make sure the following are checked;
    Use default CH name ---------------- ON
    Renumbering by SID ----------------- ON
    Sort by SID ------------------------- ON
    Sort by SID after Scan -------------- ON
    Beep on scan the signal ------------- OFF
    Unlock lock CH after PIN ------------- OFF
    Renumber BEV ----------------------- ON <---This adds 1000 to the SID of each BEV channel.
    Auto CH/TP Update ------------------ OFF <--- some have had success with this feature but for now, leave it OFF

    The STB is now setup to be configured for the dish and LNBs being used.

    1) On the TV screen, a multi-language display will be shown; select ?English?.
    2) Press the ?MENU? button; select ?Installation? by pressing ?OK?. A dialog box ?Enter PIN? shows; enter ?0000?.
    3) Under ?Dish Setting? menu, select the satellite to be setup. For this example, we will use ?110.0W Echostar 6,8?.
    The proper combos for a LEGACY LNB using a 4 x 1 diseqc switch are as follows:
    LNB power ------------- ON
    LNB Type -------------- Single
    LNB Freq -------------- 11250
    22 Khz ---------------- OFF
    DiSEqC Switch --------- 1.0
    Committed -------------- 3 <-- enter diseq switch port # that is hooked to the DN dish.
    Legacy SW ------------ Off

    At the bottom, you should see a ?green? bar chart showing the strengths of the signal;
    - Level: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 82%
    Quality: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 88%

    And most important, you should see a satellite ID banner in the upper right corner of the screen showing ?Echostar 110 West?. If it is anything OTHER than that your dish is not aimed properly.

    If everything is ok, press ?EXIT? button and when prompted to SAVE, select ?Yes?.

    Now you need to scan the satellites for channels. It is extremely important to select ?AUTO-SCAN?. Do not select ?Blind Scan?

    Scan the satellites;
    1) Select ?Auto Scan? (A-S) in the main menu, press ?OK?. Select the satellite to be scanned; in this case, ?110.0w Echostar 6.8?.
    2) Make sure that ?ALL? is highlighted in ?Search Type? and ?ON? is selected in ?Network Search? (N-S).
    3) Press ?OK? to start the scan.
    Any time you "scan" or "re-scan", you should always use "A-S" with "N-S" set to "ON".

    Note that "DN" was used as an example since it is one of the most popular sats in the NorW flash. However, you should scan the sats from highest (119) to lowest (91) in that order. The reason is that the DN channels will be sorted into SID order with BEV channels sorted by SID + 1000.

    When complete, the resulting scan will be saved and you can exit to the video screen to watch TV! However, if the keys have not been updated, select a DN channel and wait until the key?s auto-roll. Do the same on a BEV channel. Both will auto-roll in a few minutes.

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