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How to make a CogSwapLoader Memory Card Exploit

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by L-Burna, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    The first thing you need is the CogSwapLoader_Exploit which you can get here http://home.rochester.rr.com/ps2ownz/www.ps2ownz.com/CogSwapLoader_Exploit.zip .Once you get the file you should have the following inside.This is what you should have:

    a Folder called FILES with the following inside of it:

    These are the files that are not in the FILES folder:
    title.exe file

    Alright now what you want to do is figure out how to compile this.You have to figure out what file goes where.The location of the files are always important.
    The order the files should be in should be this:

    SYSTEM FILE (make sure when you put this in the program CDGenPS2 do click on edit and type in the LBA of 12231)
    Title.db (you can make your own title.db file with the titleman.exe,but if you want you can get the title.db with over 800 PS1 titles here http://www.ps2-scene.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=4447 )

    If you are creating the title.db you are gonna have to use dos commands and input your Slus of the disc that you want to use for it.The titleman.exe and the title.db file should be placed on the drive that you want to make your own title.db file also.

    After you have this tooken care of you click on New Folder and name it FILES.

    In the FILES folder the order should be like this:


    Once you are done with this just click on File at the top of the program CDGenPS2 and scroll down to where it says build cd.Now save it as whatever you want on your computer.

    Burn it with Nero or Alcohol 120% whatever you prefer.

    Nero suites me so I am gonna use this.

    Using Nero Express open up your .cue file (when you burn a .bin and .cue file they must be in the same folder the .cue file to even be recognized in Nero).Next you need to click on your speed which should be really slow.I burned my disc at 8X,but if you can burn slower than this than I would suggest burning slower.

    After you are done burning the disc pop in the Swap Magic Cd.It should boot up with no problems and install the exploit.Wait for it to say installation complete before pressing the reset or powering off the PS2.Once the installation is complete and you have press reset on your PS2 you can use the exploit with a PS1 disc if you used the title.db with the 800 PS1 titles.If you made the title.db yourself then you need to use the disc you took the Slus off of to boot it up.If you need any help on building a memory card exploit I can help you out.

    Peace L-Burna

  2. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me with this i can noit get it to work im using mortal kombat three and i have got it to install on my memory card but i think something is wrong because the game just loads up and nothing else
  3. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    Yeah man I can help you out.I probably should have listed the list of games that are capable with the 800 titles .db file.The games that should work with this file should be these:

    SCUS_945.03 1Xtreme
    SCUS_945.08 2Xtreme
    SCUS_946.01 3D Lemmings
    SCUS_942.31 3Xtreme
    SCUS_942.88 A Bug's Life
    SLUS_004.04 Ace Combat 2
    SLUS_007.77 Activision Classics
    SLUS_000.23 Agile Warrior F-IIIX
    SLUS_000.01 Air Combat
    SLUS_007.15 Akuji: the Heartless
    SLUS_000.07 Alien Trilogy
    SLUS_003.03 Allied General
    SLUS_002.39 Alone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's Revenge
    SLUS_005.53 Alundra
    SLUS_010.17 Alundra 2
    SLUS_002.64 Andretti Racing
    SLUS_007.84 Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley
    SLUS_003.73 Apocalypse
    SCUS_946.03 Aquanaut's Holiday
    SLUS_009.52 Arcade Party Pak
    SLUS_003.99 Arcade's Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 1
    SLUS_004.49 Arcade's Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 2
    SLUS_002.01 Arcade's Greatest Hits: Midway Collection 1
    SLUS_004.50 Arcade's Greatest Hits: Midway Collection 2
    SLUS_001.64 Area 51
    SCUS_941.82 Armored Core
    SLUS_010.30 Armored Core: Master of Arena
    SLUS_004.91 Army Men 3D
    SLUS_007.13 Assault: Retribution
    SCUS_944.05 Assault Rigs
    SLUS_007.73 Asteroids 3D
    SLUS_005.22 Auto Destruct
    SLUS_006.14 Azure Dreams
    SLUS_000.68 Ball Blazer Champions
    SLUS_012.49 Ball Breakers
    SLUS_008.50 Baseball 2000
    SLUS_003.87 Batman Forever: The Arcade Game
    SLUS_003.93 Batman & Robin
    SCUS_940.03 Battle Arena Toshinden
    SLUS_002.20 Battle Arena Toshinden 2
    SLUS_004.83 Battle Arena Toshinden 3
    SLUS_004.56 Battle Stations
    SLUS_006.45 BigAir
    SLUS_002.28 Big Bass World Championship
    SLUS_005.02 BioFreaks
    SLUS_003.21 Black Dawn
    SLUS_002.19 Blast Chamber
    SCUS_944.12 Blasto
    SLUS_006.42 Blast Radius
    SLUS_001.00 Blazing Dragons
    SCUS_941.99 Bloody Roar
    SCUS_943.07 Bogey: Dead 6
    SLUS_008.23 Bomberman Fantasy Race
    SLUS_000.49 Bottom of the 9th
    SLUS_004.44 Brahma Force
    SLUS_000.83 BrainDead 13
    SLUS_007.26 Brave Fencer Musashi
    SLUS_004.88 Bravo Air Race
    SLUS_004.22 Breath of Fire III
    SLUS_006.87 Brigandine
    SLUS_002.89 Broken Helix
    SLUS_004.84 Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
    SLUS_003.70 Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands
    SLUS_001.10 Bubsy 3D
    SLUS_003.54 Bugriders: The Race of Kings
    SLUS_008.38 Bugs Bunny Lost In Time
    SLUS_003.24 Burning Road
    SCUS_941.80 Bushido Blade
    SLUS_006.63 Bushido Blade 2
    SCUS_942.63 Bust-a-Groove
    SLUS_002.33 Bust-a-Move 2: Arcade Edition
    SLUS_007.54 Bust-a-Move 4
    SLUS_007.25 Bust-a-Move '99
    SLUS_002.08 Buster Bros. Collection
    SLUS_002.85 Caesars Palace
    SCUS_941.56 Cardinal Syn
    SCUS_944.16 CART World Series
    SLUS_000.67 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    SLUS_008.07 Centipede
    SLUS_007.90 Championship Motorcross featuring Ricky Carmichael
    SLUS_000.52 Chessmaster 3-D
    SLUS_008.44 Chocobo Racing
    SCUS_947.00 Chronicles of the Sword
    SLUS_006.97 Circuit Breakers
    SLUS_007.92 Civilization 2
    SLUS_005.39 Clock Tower
    SCUS_944.09 Codename: Tenka
    SLUS_005.43 Colony Wars
    SLUS_007.22 Colony Wars: Vengeance
    SLUS_004.31 Command and Conquer: Red Alert
    SLUS_003.79 Command & Conquer
    SLUS_006.65 Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Retaliation
    SCUS_942.94 Contender
    SLUS_013.05 Contender 2
    SLUS_002.88 Contra: Legacy of War
    SCUS_943.58 Cool Boarders 2
    SCUS_942.51 Cool Boarders 3 (Greatest Hits)
    SCUS_945.59 Cool Boarders 4
    SCUS_943.56 Cool Boarders: Extreme Snowboarding
    SLUS_004.42 Courier Crisis
    SCUS_949.00 Crash Bandicoot
    SCUS_941.54 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
    SCUS_942.44 Crash Bandicoot: Warped
    SLUS_005.76 Crime Killer
    SLUS_004.28 Critical Depth
    SLUS_006.34 Croc 2
    SLUS_005.30 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
    SLUS_002.68 Crusader: No Remorse
    SLUS_007.99 Crusaders of Might And Magic
    SLUS_004.99 C: The Contra Adventure
    SCUS_944.26 CTR (Crash Team Racing)
    SLUS_000.53 Cyberia
    SLUS_000.08 CyberSled
    SLUS_001.16 Cyber Speed
    SLUS_001.28 D
    SLUS_003.00 Dare Devil Derby 3D
    SLUS_004.57 Darklight Conflict
    SLUS_007.45 Darkstalkers 3
    SLUS_000.36 Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
    SLUS_006.93 Dead in the Water
    SLUS_006.06 Dead or Alive
    SLUS_005.66 Deathtrap Dungeon
    SLUS_000.09 Defcon 5: Peace has a Price
    SLUS_009.69 Demolition Racer
    SLUS_000.37 Descent
    SLUS_004.60 Descent Maximum
    SCUS_943.02 Destruction Derby
    SCUS_943.50 Destruction Derby 2
    SLUS_006.72 Devil Dice
    SLUS_001.69 Diablo
    SLUS_001.19 Die Hard Trilogy
    SLUS_009.22 Dino Crisis
    SCUS_946.00 Discworld
    SCUS_946.05 Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!
    SLUS_002.24 Disruptor
    SLUS_003.17 Divide: Enemies Within
    SLUS_000.77 Doom
    SLUS_007.34 Dragon Seeds
    SLUS_008.42 Driver
    SLUS_005.83 Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
    SLUS_003.55 Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown
    SLUS_009.73 Dune 2000
    SLUS_004.38 Dynasty Warriors
    SLUS_008.20 Echo Night
    SLUS_010.45 ECW Hardcore Revolution
    SLUS_007.51 Eggs of Steel
    SCUS_942.43 Einhander
    SLUS_006.54 Elemental Gear Bolt
    SLUS_006.99 Eliminator
    SLUS_006.21 Elmo's Letter Adventure
    SLUS_006.22 Elmo's Number Journey
    SCUS_941.52 Epidemic
    SLUS_008.55 EvilZone
    SLUS_005.41 Excalibur 2555 A.D.
    SLUS_002.00 Extreme Pinball
    SLUS_002.36 Fade to Black
    SLUS_009.20 Fear Effect
    SLUS_005.20 FIFA: Road To World Cup '98
    SLUS_007.11 Fifth Element
    SLUS_006.41 Fighter Maker
    SLUS_004.33 Fighting Force
    SLUS_003.31 Final Doom
    SCUS_941.63 Final Fantasy 7
    SLUS_008.92 Final Fantasy 8
    SLUS_008.79 Final Fantasy Anthology (FFV)
    SLUS_009.00 Final Fantasy Anthology (FFVI)
    SCUS_942.21 Final Fantasy Tactics
    SLUS_000.64 Final Round
    SLUS_002.31 Floating Runner
    SLUS_013.01 Ford Racing
    SCUS_943.53 Formula 1
    SLUS_007.44 Formula 1 98
    SLUS_005.46 Formula 1: Championship Edition
    SLUS_004.58 Forsaken
    SLUS_006.36 Fox Sports Golf `99
    SLUS_006.35 Fox Sports Soccer `99
    SLUS_007.67 Freestyle Boardin '99
    SLUS_005.06 Frogger
    SLUS_007.39 Future Cop: L.A.P.D.
    SLUS_007.69 Game of Life
    SLUS_006.90 G.Darius
    SLUS_000.24 Geom Cube
    SLUS_000.42 Gex
    SLUS_008.06 Gex 3
    SLUS_005.98 Gex: Enter The Gecko
    SLUS_008.90 Glover
    SLUS_003.19 Golden Nugget
    SLUS_005.44 G-Police
    SLUS_007.98 G-Police - Weapons of Justice
    SCUS_944.57 Grandia
    SLUS_001.06 Grand Theft Auto
    SLUS_007.89 Grand Theft Auto 2
    SLUS_008.46 Grand Theft Auto: London 1969
    SLUS_004.94 Grand Tour Racing '98
    SLUS_005.97 Granstream Saga
    SCUS_941.94 Gran Turismo
    SLUS_006.38 Great Beanstalk: Tiny Toon Adventures
    SLUS_003.23 Grid Runner
    SLUS_011.50 Grudge Warriors
    SLUS_008.11 Guardian's Crusade
    SLUS_003.13 Gunship
    SLUS_001.08 Hardball 5
    SLUS_000.89 Hardcore 4X4
    SLUS_006.96 Heart of Darkness
    SLUS_007.78 Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy
    SLUS_002.98 Herc's Adventure
    SLUS_003.48 Hexen
    SLUS_008.30 High Heat Baseball 2000
    SLUS_001.57 Hi-Octane: The Track Fights Back
    SCUS_941.88 Hot Shots Golf
    SLUS_009.64 Hot Wheels Turbo Racing
    SLUS_012.25 Incredible Crisis
    SLUS_001.50 Incredible Hulk
    SLUS_002.21 Independence Day
    SLUS_009.06 Intellivision Classic Games
    SCUS_949.59 Interactive CD Sampler Pack: Volume 3
    SLUS_001.72 In The Hunt
    SLUS_007.09 Invasion from Beyond
    SLUS_003.78 Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft
    SLUS_002.35 Iron Man/X-O Manowar: In Heavy Metal
    SLUS_007.75 Irritating Stick
    SLUS_008.54 Jade Cocoon
    SLUS_006.82 Jeopardy
    SLUS_004.79 Jeremy McGrath Super Cross '98
    SCUS_949.07 Jersey Devil
    SCUS_943.09 Jet Moto
    SCUS_941.67 Jet Moto 2
    SCUS_945.55 Jet Moto 3
    SLUS_001.94 Johnny Bazookatone
    SLUS_006.30 Judge Dredd
    SCUS_941.03 Jumping Flash!
    SCUS_941.08 Jumping Flash! 2
    SLUS_007.66 K-1 Revenge
    SLUS_004.14 K-1: The Arena Fighters
    SLUS_006.77 Kagero: Deception II
    SLUS_006.31 Kartia: the Word of Fate
    SLUS_006.00 Kensei Sacred Fist
    SCUS_941.02 Kileak: The DNA Imperative
    SLUS_009.38 Killer Loop
    SLUS_003.69 Killing Zone
    SCUS_942.05 King of Fighters '95
    SLUS_001.58 King's Field
    SLUS_002.55 King's Field 2
    SLUS_008.01 Kingsley's Adventure
    SLUS_007.37 Knockout Kings
    SCUS_943.03 Krazy Ivan
    SLUS_000.27 Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
    SLUS_007.08 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
    SCUS_942.54 Legend of Legaia
    SLUS_007.60 Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings
    SLUS_000.76 Loaded
    SLUS_005.57 Lode Runner
    SLUS_005.15 Lost World: Jurassic Park
    SLUS_006.28 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
    SLUS_003.83 Machine Head
    SLUS_004.70 Machine Hunter
    SLUS_000.18 Madden NFL '97
    SLUS_005.16 Madden NFL 98
    SLUS_007.29 Madden NFL '99
    SLUS_000.29 Magic Carpet
    SLUS_002.47 Magic: the Gathering - Battlemage
    SLUS_007.93 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
    SLUS_004.62 Mass Destruction
    SLUS_005.95 Master of Monsters
    SLUS_005.03 Maximum Force
    SLUS_004.26 MDK
    SLUS_004.01 MechWarrior 2
    SCUS_942.27 MediEvil
    SLUS_006.03 MegaMan Legends
    SLUS_005.61 MegaManX 4
    SLUS_005.94 Metal Gear Solid
    SLUS_009.57 Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
    SLUS_005.59 Micro Machines V3
    SLUS_009.92 Missile Command
    SCUS_943.59 MLB 2000
    SCUS_941.70 MLB '98
    SCUS_942.33 MLB '99
    SCUS_945.07 MLB Pennant Race
    SLUS_011.03 Mobil 1 Rally Championship
    SLUS_007.65 Monkey Hero
    SLUS_005.07 Monopoly
    SLUS_005.68 Monster Rancher
    SLUS_007.43 MonsterSeed
    SCUS_942.01 Mortal Kombat 3
    SLUS_006.05 Mortal Kombat 4
    SLUS_004.76 Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
    SLUS_008.24 Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
    SLUS_003.30 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    SLUS_010.21 Mort the Chicken
    SLUS_004.98 Moto Racer
    SLUS_007.38 Moto Racer 2
    SLUS_007.17 Motorhead
    SCUS_946.02 Myst
    SLUS_006.37 N2O: Nitrous Oxide
    SLUS_005.91 Nagano Winter Olympics '98
    SLUS_002.15 Namco Museum Vol. 1
    SLUS_002.16 Namco Museum Vol. 2
    SLUS_003.98 Namco Museum Vol. 3
    SLUS_004.16 Namco Museum Vol. 4
    SLUS_004.17 Namco Museum Vol 5
    SLUS_003.25 Nanotek Warrior
    SLUS_005.21 Nascar '98
    SLUS_006.47 Nascar '98: Collector's Edition
    SLUS_007.40 Nascar '99
    SLUS_003.74 Nascar Racing
    SLUS_004.92 NBA Fastbreak '98
    SLUS_003.29 NBA Hangtime
    SLUS_000.48 NBA In The Zone
    SLUS_004.45 NBA In the Zone `98
    SLUS_003.88 NBA Jam Extreme
    SLUS_002.67 NBA Live '97
    SLUS_005.23 NBA Live '98
    SLUS_007.36 NBA Live '99
    SCUS_941.71 NBA ShootOut '98
    SLUS_001.42 NCAA Basketball Final Four '97
    SCUS_942.64 NCAA Final Four '99
    SLUS_009.32 NCAA Football 2000
    SLUS_005.14 NCAA Football '98
    SLUS_006.88 NCAA Football 99
    SCUS_945.09 NCAA Football Gamebreaker
    SCUS_941.72 NCAA Gamebreaker 98
    SCUS_942.46 NCAA GameBreaker '99
    SLUS_005.26 NCAA March Madness '98
    SLUS_008.05 NCAA March Madness '99
    SLUS_007.64 Nectaris: Military Madness
    SLUS_008.26 Need for Speed: High Stakes
    SLUS_002.76 Need for Speed II
    SLUS_006.20 Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
    SLUS_011.04 Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
    SLUS_005.90 Need for Speed: V-Rally
    SLUS_006.17 NFL Blitz
    SLUS_000.47 NFL Full Contact
    SCUS_945.05 NFL GameDay
    SCUS_945.56 NFL Gameday 2000
    SCUS_941.73 NFL GameDay '98
    SCUS_942.34 NFL GameDay '99
    SCUS_942.45 NFL Xtreme
    SCUS_944.20 NFL Xtreme 2
    SLUS_000.30 NHL `97
    SLUS_005.19 NHL `98
    SLUS_007.35 NHL `99
    SLUS_003.91 NHL Breakaway '98
    SCUS_945.04 NHL Face Off
    SCUS_945.50 NHL Face Off `97
    SLUS_003.27 NHL Open Ice
    SLUS_002.27 NHL Powerplay `96
    SLUS_005.82 Nightmare Creatures
    SLUS_004.35 Ninja: Shadow of Darkness
    SLUS_010.00 No Fear - Downhill Mountain Bike Racing
    SLUS_008.04 No One Can Stop Mr. Domino
    SLUS_004.66 Norse by Norsewest
    SCUS_944.04 Novastorm
    SLUS_005.18 Nuclear Strike
    SLUS_007.10 Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
    SLUS_001.90 Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
    SLUS_006.98 O.D.T.
    SLUS_000.20 Off-World Interceptor Extreme
    SLUS_001.56 Olympic Soccer
    SLUS_001.48 Olympic Summer Games
    SCUS_944.49 Omega Boost
    SLUS_004.69 One
    SLUS_004.64 OverBlood
    SLUS_004.39 Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary
    SLUS_002.32 Pandemonium!
    SLUS_005.78 Pandemonium 2
    SLUS_001.32 Panzer General
    SCUS_941.83 Parappa the Rapper
    SLUS_006.62 Parasite Eve
    SLUS_004.00 Peak Performance
    SLUS_003.41 Perfect Weapon
    SLUS_000.16 PGA Tour 96
    SLUS_005.17 PGA Tour 98
    SCUS_944.03 Philosoma
    SLUS_001.46 Pitball
    SLUS_002.54 Pitfall 3D: Beyond The Jungle
    SLUS_000.97 PO`ed
    SLUS_004.81 Point Blank
    SLUS_007.96 Point Blank 2
    SLUS_008.89 Pong
    SLUS_007.58 Pool Hustler
    SLUS_002.77 Populous: The Beginning
    SCUS_941.87 Porsche Challenge
    SLUS_006.25 Powerboat Racing
    SLUS_004.08 Power Move Pro Wrestling
    SLUS_001.05 Power Serve 3D Tennis
    SLUS_001.02 PowerSlave
    SLUS_001.26 Primal Rage
    SCUS_945.51 Professional Underground League of Pain
    SCUS_944.08 Project: Horned Owl
    SLUS_000.45 Project Overkill
    SLUS_003.71 ProPinball
    SLUS_007.30 Psybadek
    SLUS_004.19 Psychic Force
    SLUS_005.79 Punky Skunk
    SLUS_007.57 Quake II
    SLUS_007.97 R4: Ridge Racer Type 4
    SLUS_900.49 R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (Bonus Disc)
    SLUS_004.03 Rage Racer
    SCUS_944.02 Raiden Project
    SCUS_943.08 Rally Cross
    SCUS_942.47 Rally Cross 2
    SLUS_007.42 Rampage 2: Universal Tour
    SLUS_005.49 Rampage: World Tour
    SLUS_005.42 Rascal
    SLUS_006.56 Rat Attack!
    SLUS_004.82 RayStorm
    SLUS_005.34 Ray Tracers
    SLUS_006.66 RC Racer
    SLUS_009.54 R/C Stunt Copter
    SLUS_002.82 Red Asphalt
    SLUS_004.40 Reel Fishing
    SLUS_003.82 ReLoaded
    SLUS_001.70 Resident Evil
    SLUS_004.21 Resident Evil 2
    SLUS_007.48 Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Version
    SLUS_005.51 Resident Evil: Director's Cut
    SLUS_007.47 Resident Evil: Director's Cut: Dual Shock Version
    SLUS_008.51 Re-Volt
    SLUS_000.12 Revolution X
    SCUS_943.00 Ridge Racer
    SLUS_002.14 Ridge Racer Revolution
    SLUS_001.86 Rise 2: The Resurection
    SLUS_006.16 Risk
    SLUS_006.81 Rival Schools: Arcade Disc
    SLUS_007.71 Rival Schools: Evolution Disc
    SLUS_005.35 Riven: The Sequel to Myst
    SLUS_000.35 Road Rash
    SLUS_005.24 Road Rash 3D
    SLUS_010.24 Roadsters
    SLUS_002.52 Robotron X
    SLUS_006.43 Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012
    SLUS_007.24 Roll Away
    SLUS_008.00 Rollcage
    SLUS_001.95 Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire
    SLUS_007.50 Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme
    SLUS_008.77 R-Type Delta
    SLUS_007.53 R-Types
    SCUS_942.72 Running Wild
    SLUS_008.28 Rushdown
    SCUS_942.30 SaGa Frontier
    SLUS_005.05 San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing
    SLUS_006.92 S.C.A.R.S.
    SCUS_941.10 Sentient
    SLUS_004.68 Shadow Madness
    SLUS_005.45 Shadow Master
    SLUS_005.58 Shipwreckers!
    SLUS_000.28 Shockwave Assault
    SLUS_007.07 Silent Hill
    SLUS_000.50 Silverload
    SLUS_002.09 Skeleton Warriors
    SLUS_006.01 SkullMonkeys
    SLUS_000.22 Slam 'N Jam '96
    SLUS_000.80 Slam Scape
    SLUS_009.55 Sled Storm
    SLUS_007.81 Small Soldiers
    SLUS_010.93 Sno Cross Championship Racing
    SLUS_002.40 Soul Blade (Greatest Hits)
    SLUS_008.22 Soul of the Samurai
    SLUS_009.36 South Park
    SLUS_000.61 Soviet Strike
    SLUS_001.53 Space Griffon VF-9
    SLUS_002.05 Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels
    SLUS_009.28 Space Invaders
    SLUS_002.43 Space Jam
    SCUS_942.04 Spawn The Eternal
    SLUS_011.31 Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol
    SCUS_945.63 Speed Punks
    SLUS_006.13 Speed Racer
    SLUS_007.23 Spice World
    SLUS_002.30 Spider: The Video Game
    SLUS_000.14 Spot Goes to Hollywood
    SCUS_942.28 Spyro the Dragon
    SCUS_944.25 Spyro the Dragon 2
    SLUS_002.41 Star Fighter
    SLUS_003.72 Star Gladiator
    SCUS_944.21 Star Ocean: The Second Story
    SLUS_002.97 Star Wars: Dark Forces
    SLUS_005.62 Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi
    SLUS_003.81 Star Wars: Rebel Assault II
    SLUS_000.94 Starwinder
    SLUS_000.93 Steel Harbinger
    SLUS_006.29 Streak: Hoverboard Racing
    SLUS_007.46 Street Fighter 2 Collection
    SLUS_008.21 Street Fighter Alpha 3
    SLUS_001.97 Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams
    SLUS_005.48 Street Fighter EX plus Alpha
    SLUS_000.41 Street Fighter: The Movie
    SLUS_000.99 Street Racer
    SLUS_008.18 Street Sk8er
    SLUS_001.39 Strike Point
    SLUS_002.10 Striker '96
    SLUS_002.92 Suikoden
    SLUS_009.58 Suikoden II
    SLUS_004.18 Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
    SLUS_001.51 Swagman
    SLUS_002.62 Syndicate Wars
    SCUS_942.40 Syphon Filter
    SLUS_005.60 Tactics Ogre
    SLUS_007.87 Tai-Fu
    SCUS_946.07 Tail of the Sun
    SLUS_006.26 Tales of Destiny
    SCUS_944.56 Tarzan
    SLUS_003.40 Tecmo's Deception
    SLUS_003.15 Tecmo Stackers
    SLUS_000.70 Tecmo Super Bowl
    SLUS_002.99 Tecmo World Golf
    SLUS_000.06 Tekken
    SLUS_002.13 Tekken 2
    SLUS_004.02 Tekken 3
    SLUS_002.83 Tempest X3
    SLUS_007.06 Tenchu: Stealth Assassin
    SLUS_005.96 Tennis Arena
    SLUS_003.77 Ten Pin Alley
    SLUS_004.87 Test Drive 4
    SLUS_006.10 Test Drive 5
    SLUS_003.96 Test Drive Off-Road
    SLUS_006.09 Test Drive Off-Road 2
    SLUS_008.40 Test Drive Off-Road 3
    SLUS_003.38 Tetris Plus
    SLUS_001.20 The Hive
    SLUS_000.17 Theme Park
    SLUS_008.45 Thousand Arms
    SLUS_007.27 Thunder Force V
    SLUS_001.91 Thunder Strike 2
    SCUS_943.52 Thunder Truck Rally
    SLUS_003.46 Tigershark
    SLUS_007.85 Tiger Woods '99
    SLUS_003.42 Time Commando
    SLUS_004.05 Time Crisis
    SLUS_006.39 Timeshock! Pro-Pinball
    SCUS_944.27 Tiny Tank
    SLUS_009.80 TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR
    SCUS_942.08 Tobal No. 1
    SLUS_006.11 TOCA Championship Racing
    SLUS_002.29 Tokyo Highway Battle
    SCUS_942.36 Tomba!
    SLUS_001.52 Tomb Raider
    SLUS_004.37 Tomb Raider 2
    SLUS_006.91 Tomb Raider III
    SLUS_008.60 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    SLUS_000.32 Top Gun: Fire At Will
    SLUS_000.21 Total Eclipse Turbo
    SLUS_008.13 T.R.A.G.
    SLUS_004.30 Treasures of the Deep
    SLUS_009.79 Trick`n Snowboarder
    SLUS_002.37 Triple Play '97
    SLUS_004.65 Triple Play '98
    SLUS_006.18 Triple Play 99
    SLUS_001.88 Tunnel B1
    SCUS_942.29 Turbo Prop Racing
    SCUS_943.04 Twisted Metal
    SCUS_943.06 Twisted Metal 2
    SCUS_942.49 Twisted Metal III
    SLUS_008.64 Ultimate 8 Ball
    SCUS_944.48 Um Jammer Lammy
    SLUS_006.76 Unholy War
    SLUS_006.86 Uprising-X
    SLUS_010.35 Vanark
    SLUS_004.47 Vandal Hearts
    SLUS_000.33 Viewpoint
    SLUS_005.10 Vigilante 8
    SLUS_000.34 Virtual Pool
    SLUS_001.23 VMX Racing
    SLUS_002.81 VR Baseball '97
    SLUS_005.00 VR Football '98: Jimmy Johnson
    SLUS_001.98 VR Golf `97
    SLUS_005.13 Vs.
    SLUS_004.80 Warcraft 2: The Dark Saga
    SLUS_005.99 WarGames: Defcon 1
    SLUS_003.28 War Gods
    SLUS_005.50 Warhammer: Dark Omen
    SLUS_001.17 Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat
    SCUS_943.05 Warhawk
    SLUS_008.19 Warzone 2100
    SLUS_009.63 WCW Mayhem
    SLUS_003.97 WCW Nitro
    SLUS_007.79 WCW/NWO Thunder
    SLUS_004.55 WCW vs. The World
    SLUS_006.83 Wheel of Fortune
    SLUS_004.25 Wild 9
    SCUS_946.08 Wild Arms
    SLUS_000.19 Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
    SLUS_002.70 Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom
    SCUS_943.01 Wipeout
    SLUS_008.65 Wipeout 3
    SCUS_943.51 Wipeout XL
    SLUS_005.87 Wrecking Crew
    SLUS_008.31 WWF Attitude
    SLUS_002.46 WWF In Your House
    SLUS_004.95 WWF Warzone
    SLUS_000.13 WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game
    SLUS_001.41 X-Com Ufo Defence
    SLUS_009.77 Xena: Warrior Princess
    SLUS_006.64 Xenogears
    SLUS_004.61 Xevious 3D/G
    SLUS_009.15 X-Files
    SLUS_007.04 XGames ProBoarder
    SLUS_000.44 X-Men: Children of the Atom
    SLUS_006.27 X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    SLUS_007.16 You Don't Know Jack
    SLUS_001.83 Zero Divide
    SLUS_000.78 Zoop

    I am sure this will help out,another thing you can do is tell me the Slus file of the game.If you can tell me what the slus file of the game is I can probably make you a title.db file with the game you are using.Tell me what the slus file of the game is and I can start from there man.

    Peace L-Burna
  4. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    Another thing you can do is instead of using the KL.DAT file in the keylauncher version.You can replace the file with PS2Menu V2.6 this might work better.I have switched to this instead,what you want to do right is use the MCFormat right.After it erases the memory card and everything on it.Go back and compile another disc.When you compile it the file BOOT.ELF should be replaced with the PS2MenuV2.6 file.This file should be renamed to BOOT.ELF and placed in the location it was originally at.This is another way to get it to work also.
  5. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    Hi and thank alot my game is mortal kombat 3 but i have got it to install on the memory card it says but when i put mortal kombat 3 in the game just starts up so i think every thin i need is not there?
  6. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    Alright the order of the files should be like this.Extract the intire keylauncher exploit which should be here http://www.siirlabs.com/ps2dev/kl/release/ps2-keylauncher-0.2+-image_USA.rar alright.The files in the keylauncher should give you this man,make sure you extract them with isobuster or Ultraiso whatever you use to extract files from images.When you have that download the PS2MenuV2.6 from here also http://ps2dev.org/files/ps2menu.zip .I know I left out alot,but sorry for the mistakes I made in this tutorial alright.I am still getting used to making the exploits alright.Now you should continue to extract these files shown:

    The files that you need should be these:
    The Title.DB=this should be the PS1 Title.DB which you can download from the link I provided.

    A Files Folder with these files in it:


    Now after you have these files you should also have another folder called DUMMY,the files that should be extracted should be:

    DUMMY= pretty much a dummy file to help boot the exploit and maybe run the exploit better.

    Alright now you can begin to compile your disc.The way you want to compile your disc should be like this

    /CDVD.IRX (Module of EXPINST)
    /EXPINST.ELF (Express Installer by Sjeep)
    /SYSTEM.CNF (Aiming at the EXPINST.ELF, with the LBA in 12231)
    /TITLE.DB (For exploit, I have it with the PS1 800+ Title.DB)

    You go into cdvdgen and make a new folder label it "FILES" now proceed to put the files inside the folder.

    /FILES/KL.DAT (File of configuration of the KL)
    /FILES/BOOT.ELF (PS2Menu 2.6)
    /FILES/BOOT2.ELF (CogSwapLoader)
    /FILES/IPCONFIG.DAT (Config. for PS2Link)
    /FILES/IOMANX.IRX (Module)
    /FILES/PS2DEV9.IRX (Module)
    /FILES/PS2IP.IRX (Module)
    /FILES/PS2LINK.IRX (Module)
    /FILES/PS2SMAP.IRX (Module)
    /FILES/UNRAR.IRX (Module)

    You will need to make another folder label it "DUMMY" and proceed to put the Dummy file in.

    /DUMMY/DUMMY.BIN (File of 100MB with zeros)

    Alright hope this helps out some more.Like I said I left alot out,and although this guide is not perfect I hope it helps some people out.You are gonna need cdvdgen to compile the cd.You can pick it up here http://pgen.gamebase.ca/downloads/cdgenps2v2.zip .I have provided all the stuff you will need in this guide except for the the program to extract the files from the keylauncher exploit.This should be the only thing you will need to get the exploit to work.Find a Iso extractor program and extract the files from the keylauncher-0.2 image and you can proceed to get it to work.You are right Beary2004 my bad I was just slacking with the guide it should be fixed now.If you need help come back and ask me I am sure I can help you out.

    Peace L-Burna

    Just roll an L and pass a incent[/small]
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2004
  7. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    ok i dont have all the files you posted but i have it loading of the card now but nothing will boot...it will boot ps1 games right?
  8. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    ok i have the menu and everthing but nothing is booting
  9. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    You will have to go to your PS2 browser and delete the old exploit you made.Then remake the exploit and burn it again with PS2Menu and all the other goodies.Then use swap magic or whatever you use to boot the exploit to install it.Once it says finish installing,press the reset button on your PS2 and put in your original PS1 game.It must be an original PS1 game,not a backup of a PS1 game or burnt PS1 game.
  10. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    ok i have the menu but nothing will boot not originals back-ups or nothing ps1 or ps2 from the new menu
  11. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    It might be the game you are using what is the region of the game.I am sure it is the game not working man.If you look up top the Slus is for NTSC where the SCUS is for Pal.
  12. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    The game you are trying to boot is Pal man.You are gonna have to try it out with a different game that is NTSC compatible if it is running off of a NTSC version PS2.The file to boot the game you are having problems with it SCUS_942.01 Mortal Kombat 3 this is PAL region.You are gonna have to find the Slus of the game you are trying to get to work or find one from the list that is Slus NTSC version man.
  13. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    If you put the game in your computer it should show you all the files of the game.Just find the file that says Slus XXX.XX number and tell me what it is,and I will make you a title.db to work for that game man.
  14. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    my games on the front say ntsc SCUS-94201
  15. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    Ok when i put in my computer it says SCUS_94201 i bought it from the game stop here my playstation is ntsc too i live in Ellijay Georgia USA
  16. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    can we make a playstation 2 original disc boot it and work?
  17. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    ok i have it right but it is still not booting i used the original mortal kombat trilogy and the menu starts fine while it is on the menu it flip open my top insert my back ps1 game hit L1 and it goes to a screen saying defualt or pal and it says pal is defualt i push x and it sounds like it is loading but nothing or i go to the cogswap menu and still nothing loads
  18. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    When you get to the Menu you should click on BADATA.Then in the BADATA folder you need to click on one of your .ELF files which are your apps.I don't really understand what your are doing.I was wondering did you rebuild the exploit like I said man.I am telling you to go back and make the exploit again,because you can keep adding apps and stuff like that.The keylauncher uses KL.DAT which only allows 12 buttons.The PS2Menu V2.6 is better man just switch to that.
  19. beary2004

    beary2004 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    ok i hate to bother you can you give me a guid on what to do because i have the playstation keylauncher menu and it gives me these options cogswap button x cdloader button L1 and a few others but nothing loads and i did erase everything and redone it like you said do you have a whole image or something you could email me or something? i have tried some many cdrs and stuff it is not even funny and i finnally got the menu and nothing loads :(
  20. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    Yeah I can help you out,it is probably the KL.DAT file that is messing with you man.When you open up that file with wordpad or a text document.It will look like this:

    []=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/PS2MEDIA.ELF;PS2 MediaPlayer 1.50
    R1=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/CSL.ELF;CogSwapLoader by Hermes
    R2=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/PS2LINK.ELF;PS2Link 1.23
    L1=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/PS2LOAD.ELF;CDLoader v7 5.2

    This is what it looks like the KL.DAT file when you open it up in wordpad.When you look in there,you know when you see the buttons what they launch.You are going to have to fix this in order to boot it up with keylauncher.I can send you the file if you want it,but it is always good to know how to make it also.If you send me a private message I will make sure you get it.

    Peace L-Burna

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