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how to make a vid fit on 1 disc or 2?

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by joe69, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. joe69

    joe69 Guest

    please help i need asimple program to fit vid on 1 or 2 disc.
  2. plaxxx

    plaxxx Guest

    ok, be specific...
    if the movie is a VCD then Part one will only fit on 1 Disk then you have to burn part 2 on another disk
  3. joe69

    joe69 Guest

    the vid is mpeg recorded from a vhs tape.its 1.40g long.i would also like to no how to splitt 1.40g in half so i may burn it to disc.most movie splitting programs only splitt up to 1.46mb.looking 4 free file splitter took all day need help.i would also like to no how to convert mpeg to divx because i heard it reduse the vid size to fit on disc w/ good qaulity

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