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How to make DVD Shrink Burn (encode) Faster

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by ILoveAD, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. ILoveAD

    ILoveAD Guest

    I was wondering if there is a way you can make DVD shrink burn faster because it takes me about a hour each time I back up and Somebody was talking about speeds of Burning @ Max 20 or 45 min. (BroBear) :) So i was wonderin if somebody could help me get my DVD Shrink or Encoding...or Ripping to go faster...

    Thank For any help!
  2. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    don't use deep analysis or quality enhancements
  3. larrylje

    larrylje Active member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    @ ILoveAD

    You cant go on what other people say the Max time should be when using DVDShrink. It all depends on your computer setup. "CPU speed" "RAM" "DVD Drive Speed" "HDD Speed" etc etc. I dont think an hour is out of range on backing up a DVD with Shrink.

    As flip said you could back up faster by not performing a deep analysis and setting enhansment fetures. But then you take the chance of getting a poor quility backup.

    So it really is up to you, save time or quility.
  4. brobear

    brobear Guest

    flip218 is right in what he said and covers a lot of the answer concisely. larrylje was correct in saying a lot depends on the equipment. You can imagine the difference in time between a P3 750MHz with 256Mb RAM and a P4 3.2GB with 2GB RAM. Sort of the tortoise and the hare, only this time the hare wins. Equipment is not all though. He went too far though when he stated,
    That's not entirely correct. Not all movies need the deep analysis and the quality settings.

    Those quality settings are for movies needing higher compression. From about a 15% to 20% compression load, I'd start to think about adding the quality settings, 80 to 85% compression. Many people probably wrongly think they're giving something up when not using quality settings because it has the word quality involved. It could have been named "compression settings" or "quality at high compression settings". Quality must have sounded better to Dr Shrink, so quality won out.

    Editing unneeded extras is another way of lowering compression and the amount of material to be encoded. Read that also as a bit more time. With AnyDVD, running Shrink may be a bit faster in some cases, for sure better because of the dated decrypter of Shrink. I mention that because I'm going to give you a method of recording that many don't know and since the guides haven't been updated, you can't get this there.

    [bold]My method for doing Movie only with a working menu with Shrink:
    Have AnyDVD running in the background (latest version).
    Put movie in DVD ROM.
    Place recordable media in burner.
    Open Shrink.
    Select Open Disc.
    Don't Use the Analysis feature to do a deep analysis.
    After program does initial analysis check segments under Full Disc Backup / DVD Structure.
    Sometimes it's a good idea not to record Extras (you can edit in Full Disc).
    Click and highlight extras.
    Move to right under Compression Settings,
    In drop down window under Video select Still Image with the Extras highlighted (this inserts a still image instead of the files)
    That leaves Menus and the Main Movie to be recorded.
    Under Audio, select the sound tracks to keep.
    Enter Backup
    In "Backup" window select Burn settings and set to 4X (fast burns aren't the best)
    Under Quality settings don't check either of the options.
    Under DVD Region Free leave Region Free selected.
    Under Target Device - Select Backup Target; in the drop down window select your burner drive under Burn with Nero (my burner of choice, CopyToDVD or DVD Decrypter will work). Nero is preset as the default unless it's been changed.
    Click OK and proceed to record.

    The above works as quickly as possible with good results. Remember without the quality settings it is faster. Quality settings are for the bigger movies, the smaller ones do okay without it. Learning the difference comes with practice and analysing file size in comparison to quality results. Pay attention to the compression levels. Usually about 15 to 20% and above is a good time to use the quality settings.

    With the above method you get a movie only with a functional menu. Under Re-author the menu won't function.

    For PCs of questionable resources (slow and older CPUs and low RAM) it is best to Rip with DVD Decrypter, Create a Hard Disk Folder for the Movie, and then burn separately. That keeps the RAM expenditure at any one time at it's lowest. Be sure to turn off any programs running in the background with small PCs.[/bold]

    So, with a bit of qualification one can come up with the statement; "With movies needing higher compression, one can choose faster times over quality." Small movies don't need the quality settings because compression isn't an issue and those settings are designed for use at higher compression.
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  5. brobear

    brobear Guest

    And since this was sort of addressed to me I'll note that better can be had, but you have to pay for it. Shrink is very good freeware and in some cases better than retail.
    DVDCopy3 is my current "go to" app for DVD recording, good quality and as a bonus, it's fast. I record most movies to DVD5 with Entire Disc, no editing. Works up to about 7GB. Above that I go to RB/CCE.

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