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How To Make Your Computer Read Documents to You

Discussion in 'Windows - Software discussion' started by ireland, Nov 1, 2014.

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    How To Make Your Computer Read Documents to You

    Since the beginning of the computer age, people were trying to make their computers talk to them. These days, that functionality is built right into Windows and can easily be activated to read documents back to you.

    Using the text to speech functionality of your computer can save you a lot of time if you need to study for tests, read books, review reports, or if you are just too busy to sit down and read something. While the voice may sound computer generated, there is always the option of downloading new SAPI compatible voice profiles from various sites on the Internet, though most of them aren’t free.

    Most Microsoft computers are equipped with at least two American English voices (one male, one female). Many computers also offer a variety of voices that are fluent in different languages. By accessing the settings through your control panel, which we will discuss later on, you can adjust the pitch, speed, and volume of your computer’s SAPI voice.

    Today we will discuss how you can make your computer interpret documents and speak their contents to you. You can use two very common applications that most Windows users make use of; namely, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word.

    Use Adobe Reader to Read PDF Documents to You
    Adobe Reader is the default choice for many people for viewing PDF files. While it used to be a lot more bloated in the past, it’s improved — although you do need to disable the browser plugin it will install. One of the really nice features is that it can read documents to you. If you don’t already have it installed, head to the Adobe Reader download page and make sure to uncheck their “Free Offer” before clicking on the Install Now button.



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