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How to put keys into viewsat ultra

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by biggmann, Dec 5, 2007.

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    Apr 8, 2005
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    I have tried to put in the keys for my viewsat ultra and followed all directions. When i go to the Nagra then down to the BEV menu there are 4 choices of BEV, which one do I go to in order to put in the keys? and the keys are 2 lines but in all the BEV there are 4 lines of code so which one do I edit?
  2. bill038

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    Viewsat Ultra Manual Key Entry

    1. With unit on hit them MENU button on remote.
    2. Scroll down to User Settings hit OK button on remote.
    3. Enter in your Pin Code. Default is “0000”
    4. Scroll down to Code Menu hit OK button on remote.
    5. Scroll Right to Nagra.
    6. Scroll Down
    7. Scroll Left Dish 01 01 00 or BEV 09 01 00
    • These are the Keys needed to be changed. There are 2 Sets. They are 08 & 09 and 88 &
    8. Now depending on what key sets are to be changed. Usually displayed to you as
    Key 00
    Key08 -06 07F0 E2 616FE1 45
    Key09 -01 C5 FB 21 37B6 C0 5E
    Key88 -06 07F0 E2 616FE1 45
    Key89 -01 C5 FB 21 37B6 C0 5E
    9. Using your remote Arrow Buttons to navigate to the specified key to be changed enter
    in the new keys. Use the following to enter numbers and letters:
    Numbers are 0-9.
    Letter A is Button F1
    Letter B is Button F2
    Letter C is Button F3
    Letter D is Button F4
    Letter E is Button LAST CHANNEL
    Letter F is Button TEXT
    10. Once you have entered both lines need verify your entry and Hit the Exit Button.
    11. You will then be prompted to save your information. Highlight Yes and hit OK
    button on your remote.
    12. Now just keep hitting the Exit button on remote till you get out of all menus and if
    you have entered in the keys correctly you should now have picture back.
    * Keys shown above are only an example.

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