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How to Put Multiple BOOTABLE ISO Files in a single CD/DVD

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by harry2006, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. harry2006

    harry2006 Guest

    Hello friends.
    I was thinking of a kind of weird option/way of putting/burning softwares in a single CD/DVD.We all know that if we want to burn any bootable image in a singe DVD5(say) then we are allowed to put only one image(as far as my knowledge is concerned).Say I want to burn Windows Vista ,now the size is say 3.5GB and we have to leave around 1GB unused.So i was thinking of any software/tweak/trick that will allow me to put bootable softwares till the end of the media, i.e upto the full capacity,and during installation it will (say) display all the bootable softwares available in that media and ask to choose one , and after it will start installing the selected one as it works in the normal cases where we burn only one bootable software leaving the rest of the space unused.So friends, is there any such thing possible ,can it be done,please help me.Thank you.
    As I'm going to burn a lot of linux ISO images and other similar bootable softwares I do not want to leave the huge space that otherwise would be left unused.
  2. synteck

    synteck Guest

    Well try to think about 3 operating systems right
    When you burn the iso's they will self extract in the dvd/cd causing
    the files to mix up, overwrite or even worse get renamed due to the similar files of the 3 os'es. Afaik thats how a bootable disk works, you can stll use a rw media, use a live cd of linux or what i suggest do some reading and choose the best disto that suits for your needs.
  3. harry2006

    harry2006 Guest

    Hi Friends.Thanx a lot.I have got the solution.Those who are looking for the soln can go through the following link.Thank U.


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