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How to reduce the size of mp3 files

Discussion in 'Audio' started by sshohdi, May 28, 2007.

  1. sshohdi

    sshohdi Guest

    Hi I recorded a series of programs from tv using tv card and files was mpeg. I then only saved the sound using windows moviemaker. now the files are saved as wma. Then I used a program called mmconvert to convert these files to mp3 but when I did that, I found out that the size of the files became huge.

    The sum of the wma files were about 300 MB, and when changed to mp3 became 1.2 GB (I tried to decrease the bit rate while converting but it didn't help). Now i can't put the files into a cd.

    My question after the long introduction (sorry for that) what did I do wrong and how to make my mp3 files smaller

  2. jrx10

    jrx10 Member

    Feb 12, 2005
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    I'm not familiar with MMconvert, when you transcoded the wma to mp3 can you set the output bitrate of the mp3? I've used Super (super video converter) to trancode some wmv files to mp3 audio only files and it lets you set the saved mp3 bitrate. You can download G-spot and check the bitrate of your mp3 files and if MMconvert doesn't let you set the bitrate of your saved mp3, then try super. I guess you could also use EAC to decompress the mp3 to wav, then load the wav back in to EAC/Lame and compress it back to mp3 and set the bitrate under EAC at the top left, "external compression" then "bit rate".
  3. sshohdi

    sshohdi Guest

    Thanks about the info, i further reduced the bitrate from 80 to 56 and it reduced them somemore but on the expense of quality, but its ok. it will do the job. thanks again
  4. musicfan

    musicfan Guest

    You can downsample the file to reduce the size.

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