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how to transfer files from computer to xbox

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by fdu1983, May 10, 2005.

  1. tEChniiQue

    tEChniiQue Guest

    Don't forget, some xboxes have trouble reading + discs versus - discs so the user may be forced to go with minus depending on the drive.

    Some good brands to go with that I've had great success with are Philips & Verbatim.
  2. jsamps

    jsamps Guest

    hey im back and i have another question for you masters of the box. i am unable to get some of the movies from my computer over to the xbox. is there something im doing wrong, do i need to download something else, or is it just not possible. thanx, any input would be helpful.
  3. tEChniiQue

    tEChniiQue Guest

    If you're using XP, this should be easy. Just set up a Work Group using the wizard in the control panel. Once that is done, right click on the drive or folder on your PC and enable it for sharing. Then through XBMC on your xbox, go to My Videos and then Workgroup(SMB) and you should have to click through a couple directories leading up to your shared folder or drive and you can watch the movie there on your xbox w/o actually transferring.
    If you have to have it on your xbox, just use an FTP client (i.e. Flash FXP) and send it to the My Videos folder. Make sure that the name is whole prior to the transfer. By that I mean you may get errors by transferring or trying to transfer files with "%" signs or "-" (i.e. Spider-man change it to Spiderman).

    Watching it via a network is just a nice though, theres no lag and it saves space on your xbox for GAMES.

    Just my 2 cents.

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